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Thread: Merkur 34c vs Merkur 1904 - Agressiveness

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    Default Merkur 34c vs Merkur 1904 - Agressiveness

    Is there any significant differences between the two with regards to aggression? I ask because I like the 1904 and I feel like the 34c is a bit too aggressive for my tastes.

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    I have both and love both.
    The two razors share exactly the same head and shave essentially the same way.
    Anyhow, between the 1904 and the HD, my preference goes to the classic 1904 simply because, in my opinion, it has a more traditional handle and is much easier to clean, being a 3 piece razor (against the 2 piece HD).
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    You know, the funny thing is I think the opposite... I found the 1904 loaded with a Feather much more aggressive than the 34C loaded with a Feather... Granted it could have been due to my noobishness as a wetshaver because the 1904 was the first razor I had, so I got a lot of cuts and wasn't used to technique... I would love to revisit it but it is currently in pieces (The central screw that holds the whole assemblage together came detached).

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    It's an identical head to the other Merkur 3-piece razors. The 2-piece heads (a la 34C) are supposed to have the same geometry, just with a handle permanently affixed to the base.

    So, the difference should be negligible, as afforded by manufacturing tolerances.

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