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Thread: Binoculars?

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    Default Binoculars?

    For some casual bird watching? A buddy of mine and I have a canoe and like to go out for a trip on the water to see what we can see. Thinkin bout pickin up some binoculars for it. Tryin to do a lil research online and seems that these are a real good buy for beginners. The fact that they are water/fogproof really appeals to me as I wouldn't want something like that to break my stuff.

    Anyone have any experience with such things? Would love to hear if ya think thats a good buy.

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    I think your choice of the Nikon is probably a good one for canoing. 8x40 is a good compromise between seeing birds "close up" and having a lens along enough to let a decent amount of light in. With any higher magnification, you might have stability problems, particularly in a boat. And if you go for a longer lens length, say, a 50 or 60, it'll get pretty heavy.

    At home I use a 8X25, which is a pretty good backyard birder, but I just got a very cheap Bushness 16x32 because I wanted good closeup views of birds at my feeders. The latter does give the views, but it's very shakey and doesn't bring in a very bright's good for mid-morning to late afternoon viewing.

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    You might want to get this one and then get a very inexpensive

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    I like these better in that price-

    And a few bucks more for the 8x30's- a big upgrade these

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    I like these better in that price-

    And a few bucks more for the 8x30's- a big upgrade these

    +1 on the Leupolds! I got a pair for hunting and I love them. Very comfortable to look through for many hours of glassing. IIRC they were fairly inexpensive as far as good binoculars go.

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    Default binocs

    Nikon glass is super, giving a razor sharp image.
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