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Thread: I might be looking for a brush

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    Default I might be looking for a brush

    but I'm not sure that is the solution.
    I face lather, with soaps, exclusively.
    My problem is that my face lathering seems to be causing some discomfort. I'm 50 now, and my skin is thinner, I think.
    I thought maybe I needed a softer brush. I've been using penworks finest w/extra hair and another in silvertip.
    So what is the softest brush out there for face lathering with soap?

    Then it dawned on me that possibly, I just need to use a bowl.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

    Thank you.

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    I recommend using a 24mm silvertip brush. Vulfix or shavemac is fine. The larger brushes don't feel as stiff on the face.

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    I have this brush And find it to be super soft.

    Probably the softest brush in my rotation.
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    Default ive been lookin into the same thing...

    same thing i been lookin into, i have a chubby 1 in super badger, (not 2-band), and it is just so ridiculously dense that i get brush burn when i face lather with i ordered a rooney 1/2 cuz they are similar dimensions, longer loft on the rooney, and i fired it up this morn and it was less dense but the tips are definitely not as soft. So in light of these recent events, i inquired to bernd about getting a custom shavemac with 23mm knot/48mm loft D01 knot, which i hear has ridiculously soft tips while maintaining great performance with soap/cream. I had a tiny lil d01 but it was too small so i sold it immediately. id be interested to see what others have to say here about this subject....

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    I have a T&H Rooney 1/3 26mm silvertip that I love for the exact reason you mention. My tired old skin just can't handle the scrubby short loft super exfoliating brushes that younger and thicker skinned folks enjoy. I face lather with soaps mostly,and this brush lathers great and has excellent flow through . It is not at all floppy. With creams and a bowl it is like owning a lather machine. If you are worried about lather on your handle or you don't know how to snort lather out of nostrils this might not be for you. You won't be delicately painting lather around your face, but if you don't mind taking the back of your thumb to swipe the lather out of mouth this is the kind of knot you 're looking for.

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    I created a similar thread, awhile ago here about what is the softest and most luxurious brush and the overall recommendations from the board appeared to be either the Savile Row 3824 or a Shavemac Silvertip or finest. I too have sensitive skin and as you mentioned face lathering, I have found that it is impossible for me to do this everyday without some irritation. So a cheap thing to try is definitely bowl lathering or palm lathering to help the problem in the interim.

    Regards Grant
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    Check the Mühle/Edwin Jagger silvertip (they are the same, confirmed by Mühle).
    Great brushes and extra soft (I have a Mühle 23mm silvertip).

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    The Semogue 830 & Omega 31064 have some of the softest tips of any brush when broken, the bristles do not take long to flag.

    TGN finest are excellent value as well. You can get a custom brush with one of these knots for a great price.

    Food for thought.

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    Which Silvertip have you got ?? The "standard" or the "Grade A" ?

    The standard is very stiff and scritchy compared with the Grade A.

    Since you seem to like your Penwork handles, it it's the standard, then I'd be looking at getting the Grade A instead. Drill out the old knot and insert the Grade A.

    You haven't mentioned loft either. So perhaps you need to also shim the knot a bit higher !!

    Just a suggestions

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    I say go with the bowl for a bit.
    It could very well be the answer for you and it doesn't cost much, if anything, to find out.
    Using a bowl, you can practice your technique to a point where you can get a good lather with just about any brush.

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    Thanks to all for the suggestions.
    It's also nice to know others have the same issues.
    My current brush is a penworks 20mm regular silvertip, handle 47mm, loft 45mm. Fan shaped.
    My other brush is a penworks rosewood(it's a really nice handle) 22mm in finest with extra hair. It's huge, stiff, and scritchy. Though it's only a bit scritchier than the regular silvertip. Handle 69mm, loft 53mm. Bulb shape. Uses a ton of product.
    I also have a vulfix mayfair that is definitely for a much younger man.
    I've been eyeballing the shavemacs, rooney's, maybe penworks again in super or grade A.
    It's good to hear recommendations from gents with similar issues.
    Thanks again.

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