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Thread: Matador Safety Razors - Trying to compile information.

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    Default Matador Safety Razors - Trying to compile information.

    I'm currently trying to compile information about the different kinds of Matador razors and cases out there and try to gather information about the company that made these.
    I've started a thread on the Swedish social group about this company and you can find the thread there. Though some of the links are as of yet untranslated.

    So now I was wondering if any of you have pictures of your razors or any information I'd appreciate if you care to share.

    Also I was wondering if it is alright to link pictures from the reviews or any other threads that are related to these razors or is this bad form for this forum?

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    I've got a few Matador razors, my pride and joy is a Matador Micro --ohhhh

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