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    Default WTT: Super Adjustable

    Hey guys.

    I've got a Super Adjustable here up for trade. It's not perfect cosmetically, as you can see in a couple of the pictures. There are a couple blemishes on the handle where the finish is off and you can see some silver. The paint is also off the numbers.

    I think the date code is "X 1".

    Anyway, I was just wondering if this razor was on anyone's "omg I must have" list. If so, make me an offer; I'm an book.

    Crystal IP or Sharp blades definitely considered.

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    can be yours for less than 10 dollars worth of blades...make an offer!

    step right up!

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    Aaah! RAD kicking in! I'm fighting the temptation lol.. Neat looking slim first time I see one..

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    Is this the longer handled version? Would you consider trading for cash?

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    Yeah it's a long handle.

    Isn't 'trading for cash' the same as 'selling'? lol

    Actually I don't have a paypal acct so I was just hoping to work a trade. You don't have any blades over there?

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    Yeah, that would be selling... ha! I happen to have a total of seven blades to my name right now, so not much to trade with...

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    bum p

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    this razor still needs a home!

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