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Thread: Odd Kent Brush a BS4?

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    Default Odd Kent Brush a BS4?

    Hi fellas,

    Saw this on e-bay:

    It is described as a Kent BS4. On the original version of the pic you can see BS4 where BK4 usally is. I cannot find any information anywhere about that model? Could it be an older version of the BK4? A mis-print? Looks like an older version of the Kent logo as well?

    Any ideas? Just curious?!
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    I don't know enough about the older Kent's to take a guess, but I'm sure someone more experienced about these will be along soon. I just wanted to mention that its a great looking brush, and if the price isn't way out of whack, you should go for it.
    Regards, Paul

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    I was looking at this too.
    I searched the website and other sites and couldn't find anything.
    It must be a typo.
    or a fake. Do they make fake brushes?

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    Kent make limited run brushes for various UK based department stores. You see them around the sotd's now and then. I'm guessing that's what we are looking at here.

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    OK curiosity was killing me so I contacted Kent! They were just as baffled...the only information the person I dealt with had was that they have not made BS (maybe this is why) models since 1994. So it is a production model just dated.

    There is your bit of trivia for the morning.
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    Default Message from Kent

    I was interested - it looked like a good brush but I was puzzled too so I shot off an email. Kent came through with this but not until after the auction closed. I didn't bid.

    'Please be advised that the BS4 shaving brush was last on our price list in
    1991 at a retail price of 22.50. It was filled with grey pure badger and
    was approximately the size of your BK4.'

    Final price was probably about right I think.

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