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Thread: FS: Feather Pleana w/ blades

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    I'm done with playing with this razor. It's actually quite nice as far as razors with replaceable blades go, extremely sharp and smooth, but it still doesn't feel like a straight razor. I have more than enough regular straights and I don't travel that much which is the only thing I'd use it for.

    Here are the photos

    This is the latest model and as far as I understand Feather has made the head wider and the blades have an extra holder so that it can be guided against the skin for maintaining proper angle. It actually works rather well, especially with the big curvatures of the chin, but I didn't have problems with the regular feather model either when I tried that.

    Anyways, here's the classicshaving page that has them so that you can check out the marketing spiel.

    Comes with 2 new packs of blades (20) and few extra ones.

    $150, first class shipping is included.

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    Hmm, the retail on this is $160+2*$14=$188, and I thought 20%-25% discount on something like this is reasonable, but may be I'm wrong.

    So let's see what would $140 do.

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    another bump and I'll inline the photos:

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    one last bump before it's gone for good.

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