Here's mine:

In 1998 I flew to Chicago to buy a 1995 Trans Am. I would be driving it back to Pennsylvania through Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. I was stopping at friends' houses along the way. On the second day of the trip I was really screwing around on a rather desolate Ohio TP. Things like doing 55mph and then running it up to 100mph. Take in mind I have no license plate on the car, but do have the proper window tag from the Illinois State Dept. While I'm messing around I fail to realize an Ohio State Trooper come up behind me. He pulled up to my driver quarter panel, looked at the window tag, floored it and passed me. I was breaking the law by speeding and the only thing I can muster is that he didn't want to be bothered w/ somehow having to deal w/ the window sticker and no plate on the car.

Let's hear the I'm lucky I didn't get a ticket stories.