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    Hi all,

    My first 2 weeks of DE shaving have been pretty awesome! I've learned SO much from all of you, and I wanted to pass along to other newbies what I have found to be MOST important to an awesome shave.

    First... didja notice that these DE blades are SHARP?!
    I nearly sliced my nose off repositioning my Merkur HD. On a related topic... when correcting my mistake from my aforementioned accident, I learned that syptic pencils STING LIKE HELL. Good lord, I had no idea just how much until I touched it to my bleeding nose. Nearly brought tears to my eyes.

    <--- graphic representation of HedoDiver using a syptic pencil for the first time.

    OK, the BIGGEST thing that I've learned is to correct a bad habit from shaving with a cartridge. With a cartridge, the blades get so mucked up with shaving cream, that you can (relatively) safely make a pass through the shaving cream, and then go over the same area once or twice without relathering.

    This morning, I made sure not touch any part of my face with a razor that wasn't already covered with shaving cream (in my case, Col. Conk's glycerin soap). While I've gotten some REALLY close shaves, I've always ended up a little red. This time... it was GREAT.

    Reading all the "how-to" information here was critical in those first few shaves, and now I'm learning the little quirks of my own razor, blades, and face. I can't wait to see my results in another few months! My lovely bride said my face was as smooth as our 6-month olds son's.

    Thanks to all of you, newbies and veterans alike. I look forward to both learning and sharing from my experience.
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    Hedo, Welcome to B&B. As you already know you will find a wealth of information here. Everyone is willing to help you acheive B&B. If you have not done so already, here is a link you should read:
    Michael always offers very helpful and relevant advice to best ehance your shaving experience. Thanks for your great 1st post, will look for you around the board.

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    welcome. we're glad you're here. And--your experiences will only get better.
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    Hedo, Welcome and glad to have you here.

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    Greetings, Hedo. Glad to have you on board.

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    It's really great when it all starts to come together and make sense. For cartridge shavers, there's a lot to relearn, but most make the transition fairly quickly. Continue to enjoy!

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    Welcome Hedo, good to see another noob around here.

    I've noticed these things, too. I read these forums for about 3 weeks before I found the money to get started.
    I still come back every day, and learn something new every time I do.

    And yeah, why doesn't anyone tell you the styptic pencils sting?

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