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Thread: Old Spice Open Comb Used Once

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    Default Old Spice Open Comb Used Once

    I used this razor only once and a little too aggressive for me but it shaves great.
    Called Old Spice and made in India but I think its a Parker. Appears to be nickel and is 3 piece. With original vinyl case asking $10 CONUS ONLY with Paypal
    thanks for looking
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    So who is the manufacturer? Anybody?

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    Yes - can you provide any numbering or other info? Could this be a Lord model?

    EDIT: Might be a Parker as it's the only brand I know of made in India - I have no idea. Never seen one like that.
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    This was purchased off eBay by an online seller who ships from India. He advertises all his Old Spice razors as not made in China. This particular razor came in a vinyl case similar to what Parker used to use. I really have no idea if its a Parker or not. Someone else made the suggestion. The only one who would know positively is PARKER. However it does have that Parker feel to it both in design and that is probably finished in nickel.

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