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Thread: 1906 Gillette and Feathers: Best Shave Ever

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    Thumbs up 1906 Gillette and Feathers: Best Shave Ever

    after shaving with a '52 SuperSpeed for a bit, I went back to my 1906 Gillette (two rings, yes sir ) and a Feather .... and wow ...

    it was just amazing how much smoother a shave that was

    i felt i had to share, 'cause i know many people think the early, comb-toothed Gillettes are not smooth shavers

    i basically showered, then used D.R. Harris Lavender soap, and shaved with the 1906 Gillette and a Feather razor (on its third shave).

    rinsed with warm water, then cold water

    then applied Thayer's Lavender toner and let dry, then applied Neutrogena After Shave (Razor Defense)

    my face was smooth as a baby's bottom, and felt great!
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    I am going to have to get one of the 1906 razors myself to see how well I like it.
    Lord Jefferey

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