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    This 4/8" Critic straight razor is shave ready, and ready to go! No need to strop until after the first shave. The scales and blade fit well, and the blade tracks true into resting position in the scales.

    And, you can't beat the price!


    If cosmetic flaws exist, and they are not mentioned above, they will be clearly visible in the pictures.


    Shipping is included in the sale price. If shipped outside the US, USPS proof of mailing will be provided, after which responsibility for loss belongs to the buyer. (Other arrangements available upon request.)


    If you don't like the razor, return it for a full refund. You can't beat that either!


    Paypal or credit card. (If payment is by credit card, ask me to mark the razor SOLD, and I will bill your credit card thru Paypal.)


    Additional razors to be honed and sold can be viewed at Please contact [email protected] for additional information.


    Please direct questions about this ad, or any questions about shaving with straight razors to [email protected].


    Sometimes, newbies receive a shave ready razor, and dull it the first time they strop. Even if this doesn't happen, some thought and effort is required to maintain the edge of the blade. I won't sell you the razor and leave you hanging. As much personal help will be provided as you need. You can contact me by phone (in CONUS), or by email.


    I will hone or rehone razors for $13 including postage if in CONUS. (International postage negotiated.)


    Maintaining the edge of a razor requires stropping on bare leather between shaves. (Other materials can be used; leather is usually used.) After some weeks or a month or two, you will need to strop on something a little more abrasive than bare leather. I can tell you how to obtain materials and abrasives for stropping, if you want to create the stropping surfaces yourself. Or, for just a few dollars you can order a "stropping kit" with everything you need.

    Ask [email protected] about the $11 "Poor Man Strop Kit" and the $11 "Poor Man Barbers Hone." The $11 includes postage to most locations.
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