View Poll Results: Would you consider buying some St. Charles Lotion in "Tony's Choice" scent?

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Thread: Would you consider buying some St. Charles Lotion in "Tony's Choice" scent?

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    Default Would you consider buying some St. Charles Lotion in "Tony's Choice" scent?

    Howdy guys,

    I'm trying to gauge interest in this idea (mainly because I'm a big SCS Tony's Choice fan).

    If Sue (Saint Charles Shave) offered a lotion with Tony's Choice scent, would you consider buying it? Is there any interest other than from myself in this? Am I crazy for thinking it'd be a killer combo?


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    I voted no, and I'll explain.

    I think the Tony's Choice scent is a little too staying/strong as it stands now, although I still use the ASB. I wouldn't mind the staying if it was more mint and less chocolate or whatever else is there. I personally would like the product better if this was the case.

    I have a pretty sensitive nose though, and can't stack a scented lotion on top of aftershave on top of EDT and then deodorant. It's just all too much for me, even if they're working together.

    So on that note, I'm not so much a scented lotion guy in general unless it is subtle and has significant beneficial properties to moisturize, etc. Right now I use Kiss My Face AHA lotion for the moisturizing/exfoliating purpose. I don't think it really has a fragrance, but again wouldn't mind if it was something similar to their Olive and Aloe lotion scent.
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    I voted yes, and I'll explain why. Tony's choice reminds me of Angel Men by Thierry Mugler. And based on the compliments I get (because I ALWAYS combine the two), plus the fact that I personally really like it, it has become one of my favorites. And when a fat, 40-something hippie has a cute 20-something nurse say "Wow, you always smell good when you come in"...that just makes my day!

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    Thumbs up

    Way to go Randy.

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