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Thread: AOS Sandalwood Valentine's Day Sale

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    Default AOS Sandalwood Valentine's Day Sale

    I recently hit an AoS store while away from home (I don't have one near my home) and they had a sale on:

    The Sandalwood starter kit ($100 usually) plus the EdT ($72 usually) for $125 total. Whether it's local or chain-wide, I can't say; but, that basically breaks down as getting about $7 off the total for the shaving cream, ASB and EdT, which are generally very well-respected products (I use and really enjoy them) and still getting the brush and preshave oil free. It's a V-day sale, so presumably it'll be on for another week or two.

    Disclaimers: The brushes tend to be massively overpriced, but here, free is free! As for the preshave oil, I didn't like it and don't use it; but, free seems to be a decent price for a full-sized sample...

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    Thanks, I love the scent of the Sandalwood Shaving Cream, but wouldn't use a lot of the other stuff.

    Wish they would put the cream on sale...
    - Lou

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    The nearest store to me is 100 miles.

    I think that would turn the sale around for me.

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    you can get the same deal online:

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