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Thread: Parker SR2, SR1, SRW, and SRB Straight Razor DE

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    Thumbs up Parker SR2, SR1, SRW, and SRB Straight Razor DE

    I recently purchased the Parker SR2 Straight Razor for $16. I don't have straight razor experience, but I was impressed enough with this razor to write this review. Prior to this purchase I had bought a cheap generic $7 DE Straight razor off ebay with fold metal to hold the blade. I was not impressed with the generic.

    The Parker SR2 has a nice weight to it and feels well balanced. The blade holding mechanics are solid and hold the blade in the proper alignment. The color is all chrome even though it appears brownish is the picture.

    I am able to get close to BBS shaves on the first pass and BBS on the second. I currently only use the Parker SR2 on my cheeks and neck. I am new to the straight razor experience (2 weeks) and the chin area is my achilles heel.

    All in all...
    I feel the Parker SR2 is a great buy.
    It looks good and has a good balance.
    Its shaves great.
    Its easy to maintain.
    I would recommend it to other newbies who want a little practice with a DE straight razor.

    Granted I might be comparing a moped to a motorcycle in this review.
    And judging from the straight razors videos on youtube... either I'm being overly careful or those guys are good... or the technics are different. The motions seem to be very similar.

    I will be using the Parker SR2 to practice my straight razor motion technics.
    And I believe it will help me decide whether to go full ahead and get the $200+ straight razor setup. Ok, Ok, I really want a straight razor, but I don't want all the hassle of honing, stropping, etc.

    Ps. I forgot to add that I'm using Feather Blades. They allow me to focus on technic without using pressure to keep the blade on the skin. I've found that the cheaper blades will work, but I'm afraid of applying too much pressure and cutting myself. And if you use too little pressure with the cheaper blades they tend to start walking or skipping.

    I also use a little more of a watery cream to prevent the razor from getting suction stuck on the face.

    I really love the smooth shave and can't stop feel my cheeks. But that probably just the Feather blades talking.
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    Default Parker SR1

    This is the first straight razor I've ever owned and tried. The SR1 is an excellent product for the price-point. It is all stainless metal - including the handle (not sure what the rivets are made from - they appear to be copper-like). The fact that you can personalize your 'edge' with this product by choosing your favorite disposable blade is a huge advantage. The ability to use it with standard DE blades (easily split in two) makes it versatile and very economical as well. I had no problem with blade placement. NOTE: I gave N/A for 3 of 6 categories due to reliance on choice of blade.

    At ~$17 (Amazon price) it's NOT a piece of junk. Compared to other 'finely' machined products at much higher price-points, perhaps some people might consider this product lesser quality but I found it not to be the case. The blade is held firmly and accurately in place. With reasonable care, I see no reason why this product can not offer several years of service.

    I tried it immediately after receipt with truly excellent results - this coming from a total S/R beginner. It holds the blades very well between the 'scissor-like' arms during use. Clean up is equally easy. This product feels good in the hands though I have nothing to compare it to except DE safety razors. With a very steady hand and technique (the operative words), the end result using the supplied SHARK half baldes left this beginner with a better/closer shave than I was able to achieve with comperable safety razors. A word of advice - practice, practice, practice! ;-)

    PS: I've had positive and constructive post-sale email and phone exchanges with seller. He is most anxious to assure satisfaction.
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    I have been curious about str8s for a while. I thought this SRB might be a cheap and good way to check out str8 razor shaving. I payed $12 for it, so my expectations was not high. I am impressed with what I got, it's cheaply but well made. The scissor like way it holds the blade is very easy to use and works very well. The blade lines up perfectly with the rest of the razor. I would think that the simple but elegant mechanism will work very well over time also.

    I got 5 Shark halfblades with the razor, they are very sharp and easily passes the hanging hair test. I have been very careful so far, and have not cut myself.
    I don't know if I'll continue to use it much though, because it takes much longer time to shave, I have to be extremely consentrated to not cut myself and the shave is in fact no better than what my safetyrazor does. However it is very good for trimming sideburns etc., I would have loved to have this razor back when I had a goatee. The precision that is possible with this razor is amazing.

    I have no problem recommending this razor to people that is interested in str8 razor shaving or as a travelrazor for a str8 shaver. I think this razor will feel much more like a proper str8 than a Dovo Shavette. The Shark blades also receive my warmest recommendation.
    I use: Merkur Futur, Vertical Derbys, Simpson Colonel X2LBB brush and L'Occitane Cade

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    Default Parker SRW

    Bought one of these out of curiosity and have found it to be more DE like than straight like, but fun nonetheless. Was inexpensive at ~$24 US on Amazon w/120 Shark blades.

    Craftsmanship is okay and it has held up for a dozen shaves so far without a problem. It is easy to change the blades and to clean. Blade holding arms are stainless steel, while the handle on mine is white plastic.

    If you are looking for something to sort of mimic the straight experience without all of the paraphernalia required this is a good low-priced option. It is not the same as a straight in length of blade, nor in handling. But, it was not really intended to be.

    If this was all that was available I could make do, but stubble returns faster with this than a true well-honed straight, at least on my face. YMMV, but it is fun

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