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    I got this product a few days ago and really like it, I was wondering if any other members out there have tried it and what their experiences have been with it when compared to the likes of T&H and other English style creams. Is Proasco similar to Musco because I think I would like to try that next.



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    Yes, Musgo and Proraso are wonderful creams. Easy to work with, excellent lubrication, just a pleasure to use. With Proraso, unlike Musgo, you get a choice of Proraso Green or Red. The green is eucalyptus based and the red is wheat germ based. I personally, do not care for the smell of eucalyptus, so I use the Proraso Red tube. My wife uses Musgo and she loves it, it's all she'll use.

    Proraso also makes a wonderful little product that is well worth having. It's a styptic gel in a tiny tube. You get a cut or nick and no more dragging out a block or stick, wetting it and applying - just place a small dab of this styptic gel on your fingertip (size of a pin head) and apply to the area. Another wonderful product.

    Good luck with your future trials Joe.


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    Joe, with respect, first of all Proraso is excellent stuff, I shave with it myself. I'm a big fan of the cream in the green tube. Now, with regards to Musgo Real, I had a tube of it once, and I agree the lather was very nice, but either I'm allergic to it, or I don't know, but I had a bad reaction to it. Proraso always gave me very, very enjoyable shaves, and another point to consider, it's very reasonably priced.


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    Thanks Cliff and Jeff, my next purchase will definitely be the Proraso!

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    Last week I received tubes of Musgo and Tabac. After one shave with each I preferred the Musgo scent. The Tabac was pretty strong. Recently I can't stop thinking the Musgo has too much of a soapy smell. It's not bad though, but the Tabac is starting to win out. I find the Tabac leaves my skin a little softer and I'm starting to come around to the scent.

    I flip flop all the time, but I still like both products quite a bit.

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