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Thread: Figaro Shaving Cream

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    Smile Figaro Shaving Cream

    Suprised no one has mentioned this lovely product.

    I bought this for less than AUD $7 at a city pharmacy in Sydney, Australia.

    Being an Italian soap I knew it would be a nice thing to try out!

    First thing is the scent. It's a sweet, tangy scent that reminds me of cherry lollies. One of those scents that you feel like eating up.

    Using my pure badger brush I was able to whip up lovely thick, creamy sweet leather with more than enough for a 3 pass shave.

    The product contains palm oil and jojoba wax so you get a great slick ride.

    Followed by some Alum and a post shave cream you are resulted with a fantastic satisfying shave.

    Go find some!

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    Good to see a review as I was just looking at this for my next soap purchase.

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    I bought some when in Italy a year ago, along with some Proraso soap. I find the Figaro to be very heavily scented with almond. It lathers well, probably better than the Proraso, but there is a bit of a sting when applying it. Not sure if whatever makes the scent is rough on my skin or not. The later stays in place and the price in Italy was hard to beat, about 1/2 the Proraso. I did not notice any moisturizing effect after use, so gave that a 5.

    A decent soap, as long as you like the scent of almonds.

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    Bought some at a grocery store in Italy as an afterthought while hunting Proraso products. It turned out to be fantastic (and a real bargain if bought over there).

    Also, I'm fairly certain that Uomo Shaving Cream is exactly the same thing as Figaro. The ingredients and container are identical - save for the blue color instead of red. Side by side, the cream looks, smells, and performs the same, too. I bought a few tubs of Uomo at a Bottega Verde store in Europe, but I don't think their U.S. stores carry it, unfortunately.

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    Default Nowhere near it's Italian brethren

    Price: Found some of this at a grocer in Italy for about EUR 3-4.

    Quality: I gave a low mark becasue over a period of a couple months sitting in my drawer, the cream/soap separated. It was an oily, gooey mess. While I was able to kind of mix it back together with my finger, I've never had this happen with any of my other soaps/creams.

    Scent: I like bitter almonds and so I gave it high marks. In the container it's a much stronger almond scent than Cella. However, I docked marks since the scent disappears once whipped into a later.

    Lather: Just so-so. Somewhat similar to Proraso, but no as slick and a fair bit drier.

    Efficacy: Not exactly sure how to rate this, but the later last so that I am able to shave nick and irritation free.

    Moisturizing: Nothing to write home about, but not drying either.

    All-in-all, a relatively average cream. I do like the scent out of the container, though!
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