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NYG at Philly is going to be a very big game next week.
Eli will be killed.

Love that "inner monologue"-video!

I cant get over the fact that Vick killed those dogs. It would have been easier if he had killed humans. Killing dogs is like killing babies. Trusting semi-intelligent creatures who only wants to cuddle and be your friend and then you stab a knife in their back...

On the other hand, if he keeps playing like this we're winning the Superbowl.
Maybe it would have been better playing Kolb and not making the playoffs.

I hate it when the QB, in this case 5, throws INT's because the receiver (in better position) doesnt go for the ball but the defender (in worse position) does.
Speaking of WR's, I must have read ten different experts blaming Brett Favres struggles on his WR-corps in a "-No wonder! With those guys!" and those guys are among the top seven WR Donovan ever had in Philadelphia.
Weird, huh?

Go Eagles and Redskins