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Thread: Need Feedback on my vintage coticle find!

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    Default Vintage Coti

    Dan, I've been unable to reach you by any email address. They all get returned. Check to see if your ISP is blocking me. I use ATT. I also tried Yahoo and Gmail. All were returned. Did you really sell it? Anyway, Yes, Bart is the self proclaimed Guru of Coticules, running everyone out of business lately. My take on Vintage is this. Coticules mined today are 500 million years old. What difference does 50 or even 100 years make. The darker color of yours would indicate that it's a faster cutter than most. Check it with a slurry and see how long it takes to darken. Also, you may scratch the surface with your fingernail, If it leaves no scratch, its hard. If it leaves a deep, noticable scratch, it's soft. Inbetween, well, then it's medium. This test works best if your like me and sell them. you need many Coticules to get the hang of it. I've never seen any evidence that would prove that vintage is better, I've never seen any reports that show vintage to have a higher Garnet content. It's just older. You could have freshly mined stone that's just as good. The fact that it's Vintage makes kinda cool, cause you don't know who may have used it in the

    Good luck. I'm not avoiding you. All my emails get returned

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    Thanks Zib. No...I didn't sell it! It's the only coticule stone I have, and I intend to make use of it. I'm pretty stoked that I got a $100 plus stone for $5 though.
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    Other note on that vintage Coti is that it is mated with the BBWS. New Coticules are glued to a plain slate backing, and the BBWS stones are sold separately... - Washington State Wetshavers - because we're all wet here anyway.

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    It's still possible to buy newly mined natural combos, but they're considered relatively rare from my understanding.

    Quote Originally Posted by r0ckrat View Post
    Other note on that vintage Coti is that it is mated with the BBWS. New Coticules are glued to a plain slate backing, and the BBWS stones are sold separately...

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    Congratulations on your find, and let me be the first to offer retail price plus shipping, in case you ever DO want to sell it. :) It appears from the color to be a hard coticule, and I want one that size.

    But I'm forced to say I got a better deal on a stone today than even a 5$ bargain beauty..

    I found a stone in my mailbox, sender unknown to me. It appears to be a large german razor hone, 3"x6", boxed. It doesn't *appear* to be a vintage stone, the box suggests a decade or so.

    The stone is an even light grey, very fine grit, makes a milky slurry, is quite dense and heavy, and exceptionally consistent, no trace of inclusions or veins. Obviously a VALUABLE rock. Not so obvious what it is, though Escher is one guess, and European is near certain.

    So, I got one for free, don't know who or why, and it's driving me nuts. What if they want it back?

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    I'll give you six dollars to mail it back to me.
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