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    Default Old Grand Dad

    Any of you bourbon drinkers have an opinion on this?

    I always see (and am always tempted by) the 86 proof and the 100 proof. I think the named hooked my curiosity. Is it at all versitile (sippin' whiskey and mixer, or predominately one or the other)? Smooth? Complex or not? GOOD?

    This is Scotch season for me, but I don't feel right about not having bourbon around the house. I am a Southern boy, after all...

    - Adam Ray

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    I find Old Grand Dad to be quite nice for an inexpensive bourbon. It comes in 86 proof, 114 proof and the 100 proof Bottled-In-Bond versions. I personally think the BIB bottling is the best. Unfortunately, I can only get the 86 proof down here.

    Old Grand Dad is actually the recipe used to make Basil Hayden. BH is actually 8 year old OGD. By the way OGD is generally around 4 years old.

    A little nugget of history for anyone interested....

    Old Grand Dad is actually one of the oldest bourbon brands out there. Long before Jim Beam owned the brand it was started by Reverend Raymond Hayden. He named to bourbon Old Grand Dad after his father, who happened to be named....Basil Hayden.
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    Bonded OGD has got to be one of the best weeknight pours around. Nice spicy rye-heavy recipe, lots of flavor, 100 proof, all for under $20!

    A real "man's bourbon" (I'm not kidding, just try serving it to ladies - they will run in fear!). I wouldn't call it "smooth" exactly (but not "rough" either), but it is definitely BOURBON with a capital "B", great on the rocks. IMO, much MUCH better than a lot of the "top-shelf" newcomers (which always seem like they're trying too hard to be single-malts via marketing).

    The 114 is of course awesome as well, but a little too much for me during the week. Since there are so few genuine bonded bourbons left these days, OGD is a welcome anachronism.

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    Purchase either BIB or 114.


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    I think it's one of the best cheap bourbons.

    My father-in-law drank it. He was a millionaire banker who was very tight with his money. He had two OGDs on the rocks every night. No more, no less.

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