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    Here is a Wade & Butcher "For Barbers Only" Hollow ground razor, restored to oriiginal, minus the leftover stains and minor pitting. I decided that I kinda like this razor with some of its history still left on it.

    All hardware is original, and you could even say that the steel is original as all I used on it was some polish.

    You can see before pics here.

    Manufacturer: Wade & Butcher
    Make: For Barbers Only
    Grind: ~8/8 Full Hollow Grind
    Scales: Black Horn
    Pins/Washers: Brass pins with Bullseye washers

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    I like it. Most of the ones I have restored for my own personal use are...rougher looking. They still work fine and teh look just seems to fit them better.
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    Beautiful blade, and a professional looking restore that preserves the aura of its history and pedigree.

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    I dig it, "history" and all.

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