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Thread: FS: Near Mint/Mint C-Mon "Blackie" 11/16 Straight Razor w/ case

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    Default FS: Near Mint/Mint C-Mon "Blackie" 11/16 Straight Razor w/ case

    I'm not a straight shaver, so I've horded this razor long enough. I don't need it, and the prospects of starting straight shaving at some point are not keeping SBAD away, so this must go
    This razor is near mint (perhaps unused). You can see that the blued/blackened area of the steel is still very clearly distinct from the rest. It seems like a lot of C-Mon blackies I've seen tend to fade in this area. This razor is totally pristine in that regard.
    It has very minor hone wear (I believe that's what it's called). By this I mean very light scratches near the bottom of the blade (I tried to take a close up shot of the point from an angle to show what I mean by these tiny scratches). Two tiny black dots on the metal along the back of the razor (visible on the picture). NOT pitting, just something that probably needs to be polished out. The scales are not fully even with each other, but I'm pretty sure that the razor left the factory that way, as this is clearly an unused/very gently used razor that is not dinged up. It closes and opens just fine. The only other thing is a minor chip on the back of one side of the scales (see pictures).
    I don't have the photography skills to show how shiny this razor really is.
    I'm asking 65 USD shipped CONUS. Let me know if that's ridiculous
    By the way, the dulled areas on the blade like in the first picture are my fingerprints, not scuffing or wear on the steel

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    Nice razor... If you do a quick search on google there are a couple of these for sale in the 55-75$ range that chip on the scale is probably pretty major for a serious collector, but not so bad for someone just looking for a straight. Very pretty though, good luck!!!

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    Price changed to 70. Hope that's better ;)

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    Bump with price reduction to 65

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    PM Sent with a question!
    [FONT="Verdana"][B]My first shave ever was with "Safety" i'm going "Straight"- Filarmonica addicted:biggrin: [/B][/FONT]

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    C-Mon is gone and will be shipped to my friend Filipe in Portugal tomorrow!

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    Thx a lot my friend! Can't wait to shave with her
    [FONT="Verdana"][B]My first shave ever was with "Safety" i'm going "Straight"- Filarmonica addicted:biggrin: [/B][/FONT]

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    The razor arrived! Its awsome! Better than i thought!
    It was a pleasure doing business with you! Thx for everything!

    This baby found a very nice home!

    Best regards
    [FONT="Verdana"][B]My first shave ever was with "Safety" i'm going "Straight"- Filarmonica addicted:biggrin: [/B][/FONT]

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