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Thread: Todays experiance - very good shave

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    Default Todays experiance - very good shave

    One month into DE shaving I got my so far best shave today. I am running through a blade sample pack and have said Ok to Crystals and no-no to Derbys and Merkurs. In test right now is Red Personna. Wen through these with Milord which was Ok, then Merkur HD also rather OK, not sensational, then with a Tech.
    Blade life has so far been limited to four days, usually three but Rp+Merkur was horrible in third run so I thought I should change blade after two shaves with Rp and Tech. Did not do that, instead I was doing more of the preparations.
    And, heureka, I got a splendid have - two passes, WTG and XTG plus some spotfixing gave me a DFS which equalize a MBSSF (My best shave so far).
    Now in late, European, evening, it still feels like I am almost newly shaved.

    To sum up, by keeping on struggling one actually goes forward.

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    Great to hear! Its a good feeling when it all comes together and you end up with a really close shave.

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