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    Upcoming Brand/Manufacturer Razor Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Thread Starter: shawnsel

    I'm wanting to add in a customer satisfaction index to the Buyer's Guide for Currently-Manufactured DE (Safety) Razors, Ranked by User-Polled Aggressiveness. Currently I'm thinking of posting a groups of polls (probably all on the same day), one poll for each razor brand/manufacturer that would...

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    Thread Starter: bryhain84

    Hi, I just made a post about aftershave balm and realised I didn't sa hi when I registered some time back so thought I'd better. So hi! UK guy here, been lurking for a while I guess, shaved with DE many years ago and then fell to the wayside with evil cans of gunk and cartridges. Got back into it...

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    Babyhead's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Thread Starter: Babyhead

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Billy What are your nicknames/aliases? none really Where do you live? Utah What is your age (or) generation? 40 What are you in the real world? Banker What is your favorite shave setup? Only been wet shaving with a safety razor for 3 days. ...

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    Reason for Blade tugging

    Thread Starter: greenp

    Hi Ive been DE shaving for about 6 weeks and making some good progress but I recently tried Feather blades and I still experienced some tugging using these super sharp blades. Is there 1 cause for blades tugging against whiskers. I thought sharper blades may cure this but didnt. Or is...

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    An Traein Dubh

    Any friends of Bill?

    Thread Starter: An Traein Dubh

    7 days sober. In and out of the program for many years. I don't know how many more chances I will get. It would be nice to have happiness and serenity to match my success and personal achievements. My daughter was watching "Tommy Gavin" on "Rescue Me" and said "Dad that guy is YOU!" I went to a...

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    What's up with REI?

    Thread Starter: rxonmymind

    Go in there to look for some outdoorsie clothes and their extra large would barely fit a 14 year old. The sales guy said they make them small and I'm thinking "what for the Asian market". Their own brands are the same. I'm not a big guy but my wife a 5'5" would fit nicely into the "extra lg". I...

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    New kid on the block from Illinois

    Thread Starter: Richard57

    I like that title because i'am 56 years old and it makes me feel good...lol, been shaving for alot of years mostly with electrics just went to DE shaving this past month.I wish I started DE shaving a long time ago, but better late then never. I learned a lot about wet shaving with this forum...

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    Best brush dimensions for begginers

    Thread Starter: Alex7

    What are the best brush dimensions for beginners? What height should the loft and handle be? Also what are the best dimensions for the knot?

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    Started a journey back in time

    Thread Starter: Shiloh

    Well...I did it. I shelved my Mach3 and loaded up a Schick I2 HydroMagic I just got from eBay. I've been using my M3 for about 15 years (!), and before that a Schick injector. I've been "wet shaving" forever (except for a brief dalliance with electrics that we won't talk about...), and...

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    Which brushes are underrated?

    Thread Starter: shevek

    Does anyone out there have a brush that they believe is underrated? I've got this Omega 6234 Silvertip brush that is simply a pleasure to use. The knot is a fluffy pillow with very soft tips, and the handle is quite comfortable in hand. There is something about the shape of the knot that lends...

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