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    Thread Starter: Alex7

    How do I shave the sideburns so that they are the same length? I had trouble before when using a cartridge(one was longer then the other).

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    Newbie Check in

    Thread Starter: Cat1865

    Good Day all, Newbie to the forum as a member but I have been reviewing the posts and site for nearly a year as I have researched Wet Shaving, DE Razors, Soaps/creams and all the other things that have turned my morning shav einto something I look forward to... The new obsession as my SO...

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    Shaving under the nose

    Thread Starter: Alex7

    How do you shave under the nose with a safety razor?

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    Lady Blue

    Thread Starter: Starburst

    No Im not a woman, Im an old man. Started wet shaving in the 70s. phased it out for many years. Then one day I tried some not canned cream, made one heck of a difference. Next I bought a Jagger 86, chopped the crap out of myself. Sold it, next bought a 1966 Lady Gillette star burst blue (now you...

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    ok i think im addicted

    Thread Starter: gixxer562

    OK I don't even think I've been on B&B for 2 weeks yet and I've found myself surfing the web looking for new soaps, pre post Products I told myself I'll just get one or 2soaps to start but I can't stop, 6 soap/ creams later lol And some pre shave post shave products, my last purchase for at...

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    What's in your pocket today?

    Thread Starter: nemo

    Mine's carrying a Wahl Eversharp Skyline demi and a Pelikan 140

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    New B&B Logo

    Thread Starter: Duckster

    I like the new B&B logo, but does it look like the badger has a tan mustache... or tusks?

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    Band Logos

    Thread Starter: heybatter

    Post your favorites!

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    OCtober 2014

    Thread Starter: Shutterbug57

    Last year we had fun with open combs in October, so let's do it again this year. We have 1 month til the kickoff, so if you don't have an OC, or you want more OC's, you have time to act. Last year garyg shaved with 29 different OC razors and several of us got in 31 shaves. You can review last...

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    What would you choose?

    Thread Starter: Mjairo

    getting my first straight finally, what one do i go with 1 http://www.straightrazordesigns.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=126_108&products_id=2062 2 http://www.straightrazordesigns.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=126_44&products_id=859 or 3 ...

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