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    Favorite Shaving Purchase

    Thread Starter: HiPowerRon

    Just curious, what is the item that you purchased for shaving that has been the best value, or has improved your enjoyment of shaving the most? I mean like maybe a razor that performed beyond expectations, or a shaving cream or soap. Recently I discovered icoloniali shaving soap as well as DR...

    Last Post By: musicman1951 Today, 04:30 AM Go to last post
    The M

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Thread Starter: The M

    Hey why not! theres one for the soaps so why not one for the creams. So just post what cream that YOU used today.

    Last Post By: Spiez Today, 04:30 AM Go to last post

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" July 25th-31st, 2016

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Good Sunday to you Gentlemen of the SOTD Starting off the new week a bit early as.... (I have a journey on the USS Enterprise this evening, LOL) This weeks theme is a "FREE WEEK" So post what you like and your fantastic shaves of the day, as all of your submissions are fantastic!

    Last Post By: Cash_Stronomer Today, 04:29 AM Go to last post
    El Comanche

    6 Semogue impressions after short break in

    Thread Starter: El Comanche

    I've not been here in a while. After learning a ton from you all and going crazy with acquisitions the first year I settled on an EJ DE89 with Feathers blades and a Semogue 1305. Was so happy I didn't bother looking at anything for the last 6 years. Finally decided I'd like to get a Semogue that...

    Last Post By: musicman1951 Today, 04:28 AM Go to last post

    New member from BC, Canada.

    Thread Starter: Kagia

    Howdy. Recently joined and really like the forum. Shaved with straight razors for a while, but switched to DE a couple months ago due to their lack of maintenance requirements. I like it so far! Am I missing something here? How does a guy post in the BST? I have a giant bottle of DR...

    Last Post By: Billski Today, 04:27 AM Go to last post

    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Thread Starter: highball

    I am curious what blades people use in different razors 1909 Single Ring / Gillette 7-O clock (green)

    Last Post By: dabrock Today, 04:27 AM Go to last post

    St. Charles Shave Soap

    Thread Starter: Rxdude

    When I received a brush from Rudy Very he added in a sample of Coconut scented soap from St. Charles Shave Soap. To be honest, I lathered it up for my wife (I'm her shaving concierge) but I liked the scent, most likely I'll use it tonight. Wondering what the more experienced soap users here...

    Last Post By: doofus Today, 04:27 AM Go to last post

    who comes up with the titles

    Thread Starter: tetraodon

    you know the titles under our screen name, i mean they are amazing. i love reading all the different ones, wondering what one will pop up next.

    Last Post By: KQY61 Today, 04:26 AM Go to last post
    Cumberland Sausage

    Minty Sticky

    Thread Starter: Cumberland Sausage

    I've been looking for a Wilkinson Sword Sticky razor for quite a while and finally managed to get hold of this one for 30, which I thought a reasonable price. I was particularly pleased because the razor itself looks as if it's been used very little, if it all, although the box is a little...

    Last Post By: Useless shaver Today, 04:25 AM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: oc_in_fw

    Okay, this might be skirting very close to Mess Hall subject matter, but what the heck? To those of you that cook (and that does include grilling/smoking)- do you where an apron? Let's see yours, whether it is a serious, functional piece of clothing, or whether it is humorous, let's talk aprons.

    Last Post By: Billski Today, 04:24 AM Go to last post
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