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    Rusty Blade

    French Press Coffee

    Thread Starter: Rusty Blade

    I enjoy good coffee :w00t:. I like a strong cup of my Italian roast coffee dripped for breakfast. Mid-day I enjoy a cup of espresso (usually a double)...either at a coffee shop or home made on my stove top. Recently I have been experimenting with a French press coffee maker I found. I hit the...

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    Charlie Van Dyke

    One-pass Week Challenge

    Thread Starter: Charlie Van Dyke

    I usually shave about every 2-3 days and try to get as close to a BBS shave when I do with 3-4 passes each time. However, being relatively new to wet shaving, I wanted to get more mileage than shaving every three days allows. I wanted to start shaving everyday and in order to do that, I needed to...

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    found odd retractable point pen

    Thread Starter: jmacak

    Hi Picked up an older retractable point fountain pen from the thrift store yesterday. It seems to be nicely made of anodized aluminum. The nib itself looks to be gold, or gold plated and possibly shaped similar to the nib in a Parker 51. The pen itself is reminiscent of an Eversharp Skyline....

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    The Great Blade Exchange

    Thread Starter: Toothpick

    Welcome to The Great Blade Exchange The Great Blade Exchange now has a Wiki Page. Please visit the Wiki Page to see the stock list and guidelines for making an exchange. Please come back here to post your selection. A bit about the Wiki page The table is sortable by Name, Stock Level,...

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    Race To The Finish PIF! Choose Your Cream!

    Thread Starter: Dcaddo111

    This PIF is a bit unconventional, so please read all of the rules before participating. First off, what's up for grabs? The winner may choose ANY cream that The Superior Shave has in stock at the time of completion. When you make your choice, just shoot me a PM and I'll get it ordered for...

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    What's Your Routine?

    Thread Starter: aysrav

    After sever​al​ months​ ​ of wet shaving experimentation, I am beginning to see some real improvement. So glad I was patient. It seems that people have different​ orders to their routine​. What's yours? Here's mine for now: 1. soak brush in hot water 2. soak razor in hot water

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    SOTD "FREE WEEK" July 25th-31st, 2016

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Good Sunday to you Gentlemen of the SOTD Starting off the new week a bit early as.... (I have a journey on the USS Enterprise this evening, LOL) This weeks theme is a "FREE WEEK" So post what you like and your fantastic shaves of the day, as all of your submissions are fantastic!

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    Razorock SLAB/ATT/Ikon

    Thread Starter: chansta

    I've been getting amazing shaves with my Razorock Mission. I wouldn't call it a mild shaver and certainly not aggressive. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a SLAB, an ATT R1, or maybe an IKON. What I'm looking for is an efficient and comfortable shave where I don't feel a ton of...

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    Offered a Gold Dollar shave ready (by expert) razor for 20

    Thread Starter: NiteEyez

    Hi Guys i'm a newbie and i'm sure this topic has cropped up. i really want to go the whole straight route and understand that a shavette is in no way a straight razor (only in looks) however part of the appeal of a shavette, at least to me appears to be: doesn't need honing doesn't...

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    Anybody know anything about Viking shave soaps?

    Thread Starter: kingfisher

    Anybody here tried any of these? The ingredients list looks pretty nice. Ingredients: Tallow, Stearic Acid, Water, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Mango Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter,...

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