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    What's your soap for today?

    Thread Starter: Balj86

    Theres a long thread on "Whats your Brush for today...?". Don't know if it's been created for shaving soap, but it's worth a shot :biggrin1:! Today I used the almight "MWF!" What did you guys use?

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    My Guess... 3017

    Thread Starter: johnniegold

    Over the course of the last year I have been concentrating on using and finishing product. I have been going through aftershaves, colognes and shaving creams and sold off most of the excess. But the soaps... well, I just like them all and don't want to unload them. Over the last several months I...

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    Need ASB that performs like Nivea sensitive

    Thread Starter: natenaaron

    Is there a brand of ASB that performs like Nivea Sensitive skin. Wife detests the smell. I am looking for an almost instant absorption with darn near zero oily feeling. The only other ASB I have tried is Al's and it was too oily. Any thoughts? If this thread does not belong here feel...

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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Thread Starter: beginish

    Rooney Heritage Victorian bowl lathering Cade Soap

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    Mike H

    Honing has reached a plateau

    Thread Starter: Mike H

    My razors are sharp and provide me a comfortable shave, yet I know they can be sharper. I have a small Les Lat bout that is very fast, I use dulicot to set the bevel, and then move on to a slower coti using dulicot to finish. The best I can get is HHT –1 off the stone. I then move to pasted...

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    The Freedberg PIF

    Thread Starter: Yminoh

    Good Evening B & B, I would like to pass along a couple of items for someone here to enjoy. I have a new, unused tub of The Freedberg that I hope someone will enjoy as much as I do. This is by far my favorite scent and I know many people have wanted to try it. Along with the soap I have a new,...

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    New product idea

    Thread Starter: ChiefBroom

    I didn't get around to shaving today until mid-afternoon. Used Floid Blue for the first time in a while. Being out of Musgo Real, I mostly rotate Proraso Green, Floid Vigaroso, and Dominica Bay Rum. Anyhow, I was puttering around a bit in the shop a bit shortly (before the Floid had entirely...

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    Punch Totalitarianism in the Piehole, Indeed!

    Thread Starter: Mugwhamp

    I love this product description: With a buoy-shaped bottle and a distinctive scent, Old Spice After Shave is as American as a man on a motorcycle jumping over a baseball stadium while singing the national anthem. And the only thing despots hate more than decentralized government and free speech...

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    Looking for a daily/nightly facial moisturizer

    Thread Starter: wildcatstrat

    Greetings, gents! I'm sure that this is an oft asked question around these parts, but I have VERY finicky skin, so I've got to be pretty selective with what I use on my face. Long story short, I've yet to find a moisturizer that DOESN'T break me out. Ones with SPF tend to be worse in my...

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    New Wiborg Line - "White Badger"

    Thread Starter: Hero

    I'm not sure if a lot of people have been following Wiborg Shaving lately, but they just released their new "White Badger" line. Also, they have the knots set in some pretty cool handles, with the handle design name engraved onto the handle. They are describing the hair as: "White Badger hair is...

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