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    West Coast Canadian Pass-around Box - Round 2

    Thread Starter: Luc

    Following the sign-up thread and the preparation of the boxes. I believe that we are ready to launch round 2. This means that sign-up is now closed. Link to the East Coast Canadian Pass-around Box - Round 2 The rules are below, please not that they are the exact same than the previous...

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    Not a Scotch lover

    Thread Starter: dieselfuel79

    A few weeks back, I was convinced by work friends to purchase a ticket to a Scotch tasting and cigar event. I think it's something every man or woman should try at least once. Tonight, I had sampled 15 out of 21 different types of Scotch from Glenlivet, Smokehead, Bushmills, Cardhu, Ardbeg,...

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    The Thin Blue Smoke thread VIII- BBQ at the B&B

    Thread Starter: Jim

    Can you believe it- Our Eighth year! BBQ I & BBQ II & BBQ III & BBQ IV & BBQ V & BBQ VI & BBQVII Post your BBQ and grilled successes! Got a low and slow question? Post away. So WHATS COOKIN'?

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    Mach 3 vs DE; stubble

    Thread Starter: ZeroMinusOne

    I used to use a Mach 3 and I thought I got a pretty good shave. After switch to a DE, the shave was WAY better but the stubble was WAY different too. Evidently, I'm not the first guy to think this either. I found this picture of stubble cut with a Mach 3 with new blades and a DE, 2 days later. The...

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    Anyone keep a separate brush for different soaps?

    Thread Starter: nav

    I have noticed that when I use a strongly scented soap, like Tabac, the scent left on the brush after cleaning is still fairly strong. If the next day, I use a mildly scented soap like Haslinger, then I can still detect the Tabac. So, I have kept an Omega 10065 especially for the Tabac (it's...

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    Any experience with a Merkur 34 HD and an ATT?

    Thread Starter: mistercindy

    I have a MerKur 34 HD which I generally like, but I'd like to try something else and I'm looking at ATT. I'm looking for smoother yet more aggressive, if that makes sense. I'm trying to decide between an R1, R2, or H1. The Gap Width Chart suggests that the 34 HD (at .71mm) is more aggressive...

    Last Post By: lancelot Today, 05:26 AM Go to last post

    Fountain pen PIF

    Thread Starter: Teppanyaki

    This is a consequence of my "declutter my house" project. In short, I have several fountain pens that I do not enjoy/use sufficiently. I'd like to put them all into a box, add a bottle of ink that I don't care for any more (Private Reserve Black Magic Blue), possibly throw in a few ink sample...

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    Crazy thick beard. Nothing good enough

    Thread Starter: Beastual

    Hi, I know most people think they do but I really do have a crazy thick beard. Nothing i do softens it for long enough to shave without it tugging or me having red bumps and soreness after the shave. The kit I have used in the past which has proved useless have been EJ DE89, A few vintage...

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    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    Thread Starter: DrAwkward

    I've been reading a lot lately about Gillette NEWs. Many gents like one NEW or another. Long Comb, Short Comb, Deluxe, American, British, Canadian, 2 piece, 3 piece, etc. Although I'm not sure we need another BOTOC subgroup, I for one am a GNU (Gillette NEW Über-fan). Are you a GNU? My...

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    Any CPAP users out there that shave at night? Hurts right?

    Thread Starter: honeybadger79

    Just wondering if anyone else out there uses a CPAP mask for sleep apnea and manages to shave at nigjt without it causing pain on your face. It hurts when I try, but its probably because I'm always looking for that bbs. Probably just too close of a shave to then press a full face mask into ones...

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