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    My fourth shave, new blade. pain. :P

    Thread Starter: Eaaqas

    My fourth shave wasn't great. I FINALLY figured out how to make a good lather and everything was set up well... Setup: Hot water after shower Blade: New Derby (my first derby seemed to only last 3 shaves before it started to drag) Pattern: WTG, XTG I cut myself a few times, so perhaps I am...

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    Inigo Montoya

    What not to do with Cella.

    Thread Starter: Inigo Montoya

    So the big brick of Cella arrived from IB. Cut off a nice chunk today and was pressing it down into my shave-mug. The lovely scent, the soft velvety consistency of marscapone... I was carried away... Being finished, without even thinking, I licked my finger. Do not do this. It is very...

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    Newbie from Taiwan

    Thread Starter: s869010

    Dear all, I'm a newbie from Taiwan. Taiwan is a small country and traditional wet shaving is not so popular. Shaving Hardwares and softwares are very expensive here. For example, 10 Merkur blades cost 22USD. In order to fulfill my interest in wet shaving I've ordered a lot recently. ...

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    Razors You Feel Everyone Should Try

    Thread Starter: Penknight

    I thought it might be fun to post razors you feel everyone should try. Classics we feel should be given a chance, or some that we just cannot be without. New or old, post what you will! I guess I will start us off... 1946/1947 Gillette Aristocrat Gillette 40's Super Speed Gillette Fatboy...

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    Thread Starter: DoomedCargo

    What do you guys do for your razor maintenence after your shave? Just rinse and hang dry?

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    Padre OBrien

    Bevel reset makes a difference

    Thread Starter: Padre OBrien

    Initially I thought that I had done a nice honing job on this razor (the larger Heljestrand), but the first stroke told me it wasn't ready. It sat in my to-do box for a while. Last night I took it back to the beginning, and paid much more attention to the bevel. It took longer than I thought it...

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    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    Thread Starter: DrAwkward

    I've been reading a lot lately about Gillette NEWs. Many gents like one NEW or another. Long Comb, Short Comb, Deluxe, American, British, Canadian, 2 piece, 3 piece, etc. Although I'm not sure we need another BOTOC subgroup, I for one am a GNU (Gillette NEW Über-fan). Are you a GNU? My...

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    It's been a while since we talked about Oud oil

    Thread Starter: maxman

    Anyone have any good Oud oil recommendations? It's been far too long since we've talked about Oud. I'm getting tempted to spring for a few new samples.

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    They call me insane

    Thread Starter: euro

    Everytime when I start to talk about this hobby with someone they really keep looking at me as if I'm speaking a different language. I even showed a guy some pictures of my DE razors on my mobilephone (seriously), when he saw the razor he told me "you are crazy, the blade looks so dangerous". I was...

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    How often do you shave?

    Thread Starter: Eaaqas

    Just a general interest question. I got into this partially due to someone in an economics class saying "I never get razorburn. I only have to shave once a week with my safety razor!" I was under the impression that I would have to shave 2/3 times a week, but so far every day has been the norm....

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