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    BOTD - Beer of the Day - 2014

    Thread Starter: Techichi

    Guess I'l get this one started. Tonight it's a Ola Dubh 12. Old ale aged in 12 year old whiskey barrels. Very nice.

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    Best razor blades for beginner.

    Thread Starter: rb0155

    Hi everyone, I'm new to shaving with a DE razor. I'm looking for a good blade for beginners. I will be getting a sample pack soon but I'm also interested in hearing everyone's opinions. I have a Edwin Jagger DE89l and will be getting a Merkur Futur soon. I've already tried Derby, ASTRA SP and...

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    New York Shaving Company Elizabeth St. - thoughts?

    Thread Starter: dimitrof

    Hi everyone, Just ordered a small-sized tub of this cream, and curious to get some feedback on it... Also interested in how it compares to the other scents that NY Shaving Co. offers - Old St. Patricks, Tonsorial Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Alex

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    Alpa products

    Thread Starter: shevek

    I just finished off a nice bottle of the Czech-made Alpa 378. Very close to Irisch Moos which to me is a very good thing. Now I'm interested in exploring some other Alpa products but not sure which way to go. I see they have a Fougere, Windsor, Violet, and others. Anyone a fan of Alpa products?

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    3 new dougie brushes I have made lately:

    Thread Starter: 55dougie

    D7 Black over Smoke with Beehive rings D7 Root-beer dark over light with Hornet rings D55 Root-beer over Aqua my thanks for looking...

    Last Post By: froogle_jimmy Today, 09:19 PM Go to last post

    Morning Shaver Or Night Shaver?

    Thread Starter: bentyler

    Personally I shave before bed. My skin seems to heal up better when I having a nights worth of sleep to recoup from a shave, that's not to say that it breaks out when I shave in the morning. It's just that my skin overall feels healthier this way for some reason. But of course that means the 5...

    Last Post By: Mad Hatter Today, 09:17 PM Go to last post

    Don't You Feel Sorry For The Unchosen?

    Thread Starter: cottontop

    I certainly do. Just think, those who have not been chosen by The Veg are going to have to go through life without seeing things through the same enlightened spirit that those who HAVE been chosen will see things. I feel so glad and so spiritual through having gone through the spirit of The Veg...

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    Noob brush (and soap) ?

    Thread Starter: prairie-dad

    Just getting into DE shaving again after 40 years. Have acquired four razors and 50+ blades...working away at my preferences. But I'm still using a can of Barbasol... isn't it time for a brush, cup and soap? Thoughts for a beginner on a budget? Thanks!

    Last Post By: prairie-dad Today, 09:15 PM Go to last post

    what dose nivea cream compair to?

    Thread Starter: Dadygoble

    My wife just baught me a tube of nivea shaving cream (so sweet of her) and i was wondering what it compairs to and how well it works. I just picked up a tube of creamo but didnt read the back were it daid brushless, dumb i know but it works nice if you mix it with a glyserin soap great lather and...

    Last Post By: J743 Today, 09:14 PM Go to last post

    Underrated Soaps

    Thread Starter: Slats6NYR

    Wanting to post this about a few different products we all use....as far as soaps go, I keep reading about the best, or worst overall, best or worst smelling & overrated....tell me what you think is underrated. A brand that gets a lot of abuse here, but you like & get good results with or...

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