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    Got a Kitten!

    Thread Starter: paintflinger

    Just confirmed that we'll be getting a kitten come October. So everyone knows, I'm allergic to pretty much everything living on earth (even penicillin); this includes cats. SHMBO grew up with cats and pretty much from when I started dating her, I've been trying to find a hypo-allergenic cat...

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    What's your go to beer?

    Thread Starter: billobob

    Sometimes in my demographic (late 20s) I feel I'm of the rare opinion that I prefer to have a few standbys instead of trying a new beer every week. I enjoy trying new beers as much as the next guy, but most of my exposure comes from trying new stuff which comes up on the tap at some bars with a...

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    Cisco Kid

    Need advice about new brush

    Thread Starter: Cisco Kid

    Hello to all. I would like to get a new brush and need advice. I've been brushing with the same brush for 17 years, a Kent of some kind of Badger that I bought in 1997 for $110. It always worked very well and still looks like it was bought yesterday. But I'm moving from creams to soaps and would...

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    Disappointed with AoS Sandalwood

    Thread Starter: Space_Cadet

    First of all, I didn't really like the smell of it at all. The lather was okay. The other thing is, that when I was screwing the lid back on, something snapped inside, and I was quite surprised by that. I checked what was going on and apparently the big looking impressive jar is actually built...

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    Quality Brush Under $25?

    Thread Starter: bentyler

    Right now I'm using the brush that came with my Van Der Hagen shave set. It gets the job done, but I know there are certainly better options out there. I'm looking for quality, at an affordable price. I don't particularly care what the material is. Badger, boar, synthetic etc.. I just want...

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    New Wet Shaver!

    Thread Starter: cgstang68

    After seeing a presentation by a fellow traditional wet shaver here on base, I decided to pull the trigger and make the switch! I ordered everything I needed and about 12 or so days later I had all the implements in hand. (Darn local customs and their week long "labor day" holiday!!!) I couldn't...

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    PIF For New Shavers

    Thread Starter: Rasputin

    I've been wet shaving now for a little over 6 months, and this forum has taught me a lot from proper preparation, to different techniques to use. Along the way, I've managed to be selected for 2 PIFs that really helped me out, and now its my turn to give back. This PIF is open to all new...

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    New guy

    Thread Starter: Psycoduncan

    Just ordered a vdh de from target today. Can't wait to try it. I have seborrhea dermatitis so if I do grow out my facial hair, I get real itchy all over my face, so I've tried to start shaving more frequently than once a week and just not zip through with an electric razor, so all the dead skin is...

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    Favourite Brands - and Why?

    Thread Starter: duotone

    Ever since I started school I remember going to the shopping centre and getting my feet measured for Clarkes shoes http://www.clarks.co.uk/ Even though I havent bought a pair from them for the last couple of years, I still find myself automatically wandering in and having a look around. Which...

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    [Poll] You're running late so you.

    Thread Starter: Gig103

    When I was given a DE set I realized it would take longer than shower shaving with my Mach 3 so I kept one M3 "for days I'm running behind". In the past 11 months I haven't used the cartridge once, even when traveling. I wondered what other folks' habits are.

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