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    First shave with self honed straight

    Thread Starter: nineteeneightyfour

    Hello Gents, I want to share some good news and words of encouragement and appreciation to the good folks at the B&B. Last night I accomplished what I would consider a first successful honing of one of my straights. Using the write ups and tips from experiences shared on this web site, I used...

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    question on some personnas. havent found it asked yet.

    Thread Starter: stoof2010

    So im liiking at buying a bulk amount of the crystal super + from amazon. Ive also seen the crystal (red package) at WCS for cheaper. The blues say platinum coated and the reds say chrome platinum coated. Are they the same thing? WCS doeant show what the wrapper looks like so i cant tell. Both...

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    Simpson, Rooney, Shavemac Size Comparo

    Thread Starter: joel

    Gents, Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Polo 12 (super), Shavemac XXL Horn (silvertip), Rooney (silvertip), Simpsons PJ2 (super) In order from largest to smallest. From the top...

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    Black or Brown?

    Thread Starter: Wingnut722

    I've seen it work both ways so I'm curious as to a show of hands from this crowd. Typical business casual office setting - Slacks and button-down long sleeve shirt. When the slacks are navy blue, which color shoes and belt would you wear? Black or brown?

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    OCtober 2014

    Thread Starter: Shutterbug57

    Last year we had fun with open combs in October, so let's do it again this year. We have 1 month til the kickoff, so if you don't have an OC, or you want more OC's, you have time to act. Last year garyg shaved with 29 different OC razors and several of us got in 31 shaves. You can review last...

    Last Post By: Shutterbug57 Today, 12:39 AM Go to last post

    getting better. :

    Thread Starter: stoof2010

    I wanted to update all you gents on my progress. Ive been using my EJ 89 for about a month now, and wanted to let you gents know that my shaves and discomfort and burn/bumps are imrpoving. You all said it would happen and it is. Im having more luck with creams than soap, probably bexause of...

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    The Pipe Gallery

    Thread Starter: Jim

    Show us your briar collections.

    Last Post By: Blade Boy Today, 12:34 AM Go to last post

    Work rant anyone else!

    Thread Starter: deruitem

    Where I work we have groups of 4 cubicles that are open in the middle with high walls around the outside. The guy who sits opposite of the wall from me talks to himself ALL day. I don’t mean sometimes I mean all day. Not just a little comment here and there. I mean “lets see what was I doing. O...

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    Maxime D.

    The Old Spice scent gone?

    Thread Starter: Maxime D.

    Hi there, a few weeks ago I ordered 2 tubes of Old Spice Original Shaving cream from a seller in India. The package arrived I was eager to smell the spicy scent that I like so much but, when I opened them, the stuff was as scentless as Nivea cream : / Could it be a bad batch or did they ditched...

    Last Post By: Mako72 Today, 12:31 AM Go to last post

    Simpsons: Berkeley or Duke?

    Thread Starter: Pioneer

    Which does everyone prefer and why? I'm sort of hanging on the fence and would like to hear some opinions of board members. The nuances between the Dukes 2 & 3 would help as well. As for me, I generally lather my Cella or Valobra in a shallow shaving dish, but I'm not averse to the occasional cream...

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