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    Overwhelmed by generosity of B & B

    Thread Starter: Sdm84

    I recently made a purchase of a brush from one of our members and as we were working out the details we exchanged some nice emails about my experience so far in the world of wetshaving. After giving me a few tips and pointing me in the direction of some awesome soaps and the websites to acquire...

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    A Bummer Situation

    Thread Starter: ThomasB98908

    Around a month ago I had surgery to remove a tumor (benign thankfully) from under my right jaw. The incision goes from in front of my right earlobe down at an angle to almost my adamsapple. The right side of my face is numb and the incision was severely swollen an tender so I could not shave with...

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    Chubby 3 in super- inputs appreciated

    Thread Starter: melesbern

    So, having already several brushes of which I am generally quite happy with, I've decided recently to opt to something that is considered at the top...so got the Simpson Chubby 3 in super badger.... the brush is a mammoth and with its 29-30mm knot stands above any other brush concerning...

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    Attention you 1700+ guests aka lurkers

    Thread Starter: YKMV

    I just clicked "Who's Online" just for fun.... 101 members and 1700+ Guests..... If you're on the B&B and reading this post, you're obviously interested in improving your shaving.... Why not join and try to win free goodies.... :lol: ...

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    Erasmic tallow vs. Erasmic veg.

    Thread Starter: malocchio

    I have been using a stick of vintage Erasmic tallow,and sadly,it is a very underperforming soap for me.The lather seems to gather fairly well,but it really dissipates rapidly.There is little to no protection with this formula.It is the same formula as the tallow stick that followed this one in the...

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    Something odd. Double odd. Old timers dust off your investigative skills!

    Thread Starter: HDSledge

    Spotted this at the last minute. Not too much interest on the auction even though it is an Executive Fatboy with no markings on the base. Very odd so I bid on it but not too much. Thought it was just a QC error or some guy on the line had a nap. Auction pics were terrible and it looked beat up....

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    Maritime Storm

    PIF Vijay Stainless Blades(Canada Only)

    Thread Starter: Maritime Storm

    Up for grabs I have 4 50-blade Packs of Vijay Stainless Blades which I will send to 2 Canadians(100 each) who are interested in trying them. Will choose the winners February 11th.

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    SOTD "FREE WEEK" July 18th-24th, 2016

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Welcome to your new Week gentlemen. We are still on Holiday fishing in the White Mountains of Arizona, however I wanted to get the new week up and running for you, so we had to run into town to get a good Wi-Fi Signal Anyway, This week we are back to a.... FREE THEME WEEK. So, show us...

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    PayPal Seller Account Questions

    Thread Starter: YKMV

    I have this really bad habit of bidding on stuff on FleaBay... then I win it and wonder what to do with it....:blush: For example, I got on an Old Spice mug buying binge and now have 6 or 7 including one with OS soap and box.... I've put 2 of them into use with a sample puck of Stirling Ben...

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    Safety Razor of the Month, July 2016 - Schick Krona

    Thread Starter: Jut

    This months safety razor of the month is the Schick Krona. I usually am an SE guy, but when I do switch back to DEs (which I get a wild hair and do occassionally) I usually reach for my Krona for the first few "return to DE" shaves. This is mostly because it is mild and pretty forgiving. ...

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