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    Best Pen for a Lefty?

    Thread Starter: llrebs

    Any quality pen suggestion for a lefty? Would like to have something nice that doesn't smear and gets ink all over my wrist. Thanks!

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    B&B Bingo: Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In Edition (Sign Up)

    Thread Starter: TheVez2

    Has spring cleaning got you down? Do you wish you didn’t have to mow the lawn every week? Is school almost out for the summer? Do you wish you could just be somewhere else? Well now you can get away from it all! Get out your beach chair, kick off your sandals, grab your daubers, and relax with us!...

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    Arko smell?

    Thread Starter: Scotty

    I have left a stick of Arko sit out since the start of April & I am still waiting for the odor to calm down. It shaves well but the smell was awfully strong when I first tried it. Too bad they don't make it unscented! :thumbup1:

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    There is no closed comb razor.

    Thread Starter: shave/brush

    Not to sound like a nit-picker but I often see on these threads someone refer to a razor as being a “closed comb”. There is no such thing. If there is an absent of a comb then it can’t be a closed comb. It is then a solid bar razor. Sorry but it’s my OCD I just had to point this out.

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    What time is it? Time for a Father's Day PIF

    Thread Starter: oc_in_fw

    Thanks to fellow steward WarrenB, we have a beautiful Sekonda Sports Chronograph 3039 to give away. So, how do you get a chance to win? To enter you must submit a true story about fatherhood -- fond remembrances of your father (or a father/mother figure in your life), and/or what being a parent...

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    Summer Soap, Creme, AS

    Thread Starter: mscout00

    Ok gents, as I put away the balm and heavy scents, i'm starting to look for some lighter products. I live in Baltimore, where swamp butt and shiny faces are the norm due to the high humidity. So balms just feel greasy all day, and some scents just get foul in the heat. What are your...

    Last Post By: Pigpen Today, 12:42 PM Go to last post

    AoS Lavender: What am I doing wrong?

    Thread Starter: oogabooga

    I've read over and over the many ardent recommendations for AoS's shaving creams, so the last time I flew to SF from Canada, I picked up a tub of their lavender cream. Have been using it for the past week but no matter what razor/blade combo I try (all combos that work flawlessly with...

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    Your Inner Nerd

    Thread Starter: Cash_Stronomer

    Who's a Nerd? I certainly am! And I realized tonight just how much Nerd was in me, as I was wandering the interwebs looking at short wave radio and such, and I stumbled upon a Radio Shack archive of Catalog's, Videos and history from 1939 - 2005! Enjoy (if it's your thing) :thumbup1: ...

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    Help Identifying Antique Razors

    Thread Starter: GrandpasRazors

    Hello all, my father gave me some antique razors that belonged to my grandfather recently (he doesn't know where they came from, they may have belonged to his father, so the age is a bit of a guess). I would like some help identifying these as best as possible. I don't know much about razors, so...

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    Supermax Super Platinum vs Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum

    Thread Starter: mesu

    I got supermax super platinum and old version supermax "blue diamond platinum" (not titanium) recently. blue diamond platinum slightly more expensive than super platinum. my opinion BDP is slightly more smooth and durable than super platinum. but I'm not sure. is this true or placebo effect ? or...

    Last Post By: deoxy4 Today, 12:38 PM Go to last post
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