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    Straps and bags

    Thread Starter: Blue_2

    I went hiking with my camera for the first time last weekend. The extra weight on my neck, and bouncing camera on my chest, got old after an hour or so. I went back to the car and put it back in the camera bag, but the standard bag was kind of awkward as it wanted to bounce around and get caught...

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    My first Proraso Cream

    Thread Starter: CaptainTime

    Just getting into wet shaving. My DE safety razors hadn't arrived yet, so I decided to start with shaving soap and brush to at least learn that part first while just using my cartridge razor. Picked up some Wilkinson Sword shaving soap at the drug store and a Wilkinson brush with the thought...

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    mulling over another razor purchase.advice requested

    Thread Starter: chansta

    'Lo, Gents... So, after a couple of months of my EJ89 I am considering (but not married to) looking for another razor. The EJ works well for the most part. Here's what my shaves have been like: -both sides of face shave perfectly -jaws are fine now thanks to some advice given -chin needs...

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    I think i found my ultimate razor :

    Thread Starter: ncage

    A week or so ago i posted a thread on recommendations for a more aggressive razor. one of the recommendations was for RR Jaws / Cadet OC. Most of people recommended a R41 which i decided against at this point because of the cost . I decided to order a RR Jaws and it came in the mail today. My first...

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    Bible Verses that impact YOU

    Thread Starter: kevdogg329

    I wanted to know if anyone else would be interested in sharing a verse from the Bible that sticks out to them as they read and study? Please feel free to share the verse, and how it has affected you. This is one of my all time verses that has helped me through many trials: I hold onto this...

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    My first jnat

    Thread Starter: Chaloney

    It arrived today, the ozuku asagi from Fendrihan. Got home from work, opened the box and snapped a couple pics then had to scarf down dinner so I could take my son across town for something. It's a nice light gray. Whrn wet it gets a little darker and a couple of faint yellowish stripes become...

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    How many pens do you keep inked?

    Thread Starter: musicman1951

    I'm retired - so no pen use at work - but I journal every day. I like stub nibs but I'm finding that some of my pens are very hard starting (dried up nib?) if I don't use them fairly frequently. I definitely have favorites and the pens at the end of my list are being a bit balky. Is the...

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    Too soon

    Thread Starter: Vespasian

    I shaved last night, got a BBS with what is fast becoming my favorite set-up: Fatboy set at six, Astra SP, bowl lather from TSF hard soap. Good prep and soothing AS, balm, etc. Fantastic. But I had lunch date today, and I decided to shave again, just because the last shave was so nice. Nine...

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    The Sideline Scoundrel

    Blade disposal?

    Thread Starter: The Sideline Scoundrel

    How do you all get rid of your used blades? I usually just wrap mine in a tight wad of TP and break them. I see guys with blade banks and wonder how do you safely get rid of a bunch of razors? Am I doing it wrong?

    Last Post By: SteveWY Today, 09:04 AM Go to last post

    worst shave ever need help with adjustable

    Thread Starter: dlightner

    Ok today I almost gave up on old school shaving. I gut and nicked my self 5 of 6 times, dam near every time I put the blade to my face. After the 4th or 5th time I was wonder what the ^%$#@ is wrong with this ^%$#@ razor. It had a newer blade in it I put in Thursday, when I looked at it I Notice...

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