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    When did the descent from DE to Carts begin?

    Thread Starter: Greglam

    I'm 41 and started shaving in about, oh, I'd say 1984-ish with any kind of regularity. Obviously the cartridge was the dominant type of razor at that time. When, I wonder, did the DE's, SuperSpeeds, Adjustables, etc, get phased out? AND did the "handles" even get date coded at all? Was there...

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    Favorite Scales

    Thread Starter: fordfather

    I'm looking at all the beautiful razors that B&B members have restored and it got me to thinking. What are your favorite scales to make, and where did you acquire the material. Have you made your own bolsters and shields? As always, pics are welcomed (before and after)! Tips and tricks are...

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    Thoughts and questions on my first replate candidate (pic heavy)

    Thread Starter: emt88

    Hello gentleman. So, even though I am mostly a straight razor guy, I have a serious love for Gillette de's. Although my collection isn't all that large, I feel like it is of good quality, which is really what I'm after. A couple of my razors show their age a bit, but this is the first one that I've...

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    Researching Synthetics

    Thread Starter: eezee

    I've been researching synthetic brushes and am really leaning towards Muhle. I would like to keep the budget on the low side. I found this over sat Shoebox Shave Shop. Thoughts? http://www.shoeboxshaveshop.com/muba31shbrdr.html

    Last Post By: IMightBeWrong Today, 01:59 PM Go to last post

    PIF because I said so

    Thread Starter: wolfrb

    So because I have received several things from generous members here in the past and I have been absent for quite a while here is something free. I will throw the total number of posts in random.org and random this sucker off next Wednesday. Just post that your interested and if you don't like it...

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    Proraso Green/Bigelow . I don't get it.

    Thread Starter: Mekanic

    Hey all, I'm mostly just a lurker round these parts. Been interested in wetshaving for well over a year, but finally bought the gear a couple months ago, a Weishi, and a Boar Brush (wanted something cheap, but serviceable to see if I enjoy it, turns out I LOVE it and it has become a ritual I look...

    Last Post By: soodtiit Today, 01:59 PM Go to last post

    Hiya From Down Under

    Thread Starter: Gibbon138

    Hi all, I've been lurking on this forum for a few months so far and have as a direct result purchased my first DE (merkur 34HD) started actively trying to get a better shave and having some limited success achieving it. Just went from lurker to member to thank all the people who've been on here...

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    Home Cooking Spoils Restaurant Experience

    Thread Starter: CaptainTime

    I am a decent cook - not a great one. But, more and more, when I go out to restaurants I am disappointed with the food. Does anyone else have this problem or are the restaurants just bad where I live? Or is it because, as I get better at cooking myself, my palette is more discriminating?

    Last Post By: DoctorShavegood Today, 01:58 PM Go to last post

    Stirling - 1st purchase

    Thread Starter: soko

    Hey all - hope your Labor Day is relaxing and enjoyable. I'm about to place my first order with Stirling soaps based on the near universal acclaim for them on this forum. I've started my wetshaving journey with RazoRock (XXX & Mudder Focker) and enjoy them immensely. That said, I want to try...

    Last Post By: Donkeotae Today, 01:58 PM Go to last post

    Best soap recommendation for water conditions

    Thread Starter: Batman

    I travel quite a bit, sometimes to areas with harder water than I have at home. Some of my soaps don't work well. Please recommend soaps that are consistent regardless of water conditions. Thanks!

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