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    On a quest for the perfect tech.

    Thread Starter: Daveho

    Morning gents, Hope life is treating you well. Over the past few years, like many of you several razors have come and gone through my hands but since I've been at this a while I have come to think that possible the best all round razor is likely a tech, not a huge revelation I know but I find...

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    2016 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Summer (GRU - Summer)

    Thread Starter: cvargo

    WELL the Spring is here and it is time to sign up for the restraint that will get us up until SUMMER! Me personally I have gone crazy the last few months, and it is time to join back up! What better way to do so than to run the restraint! Official rules below ...

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    Son's Birthday

    Thread Starter: BigJoe

    I want to thank the B&B community for their past input help on what to get my eldest son for his Birthday. The long awaited day has arrived. Today is my son's Birthday. He is big on his appearance and has told me on several occasions that he wants to be clean shaven. He turned 14 today. He...

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    Moderator Emeritus Interview: joshmpdx- Owner of Imaginary Authors

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing long time member and Moderator Emeritus, joshmpdx, AKA Josh. I first became aware of Josh due to our both being frequent posters on the Fragrance Forum. Josh quickly became one of the group of members whose opinions I found very trustworthy. While my...

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    Arko smell?

    Thread Starter: Scotty

    I have left a stick of Arko sit out since the start of April & I am still waiting for the odor to calm down. It shaves well but the smell was awfully strong when I first tried it. Too bad they don't make it unscented! :thumbup1:

    Last Post By: Rdefreitas Today, 05:10 AM Go to last post

    B&B Bingo: Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In Edition (Sign Up)

    Thread Starter: TheVez2

    Has spring cleaning got you down? Do you wish you didnít have to mow the lawn every week? Is school almost out for the summer? Do you wish you could just be somewhere else? Well now you can get away from it all! Get out your beach chair, kick off your sandals, grab your daubers, and relax with us!...

    Last Post By: cvargo Today, 05:09 AM Go to last post

    East Coast Canadian Pass-around Box - Round 2

    Thread Starter: Luc

    Following the sign-up thread and the preparation of the boxes. I believe that we are ready to launch round 2. This means that sign-up is now closed. Link to the West Coast Canadian Pass-around Box - Round 2 The rules are below, please not that they are the exact same than the previous...

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    I love Talisker 10yr what to try next?

    Thread Starter: dougydee

    So Talisker 10yr has really floated my boat. What can you recommend me to try next? Something along the same profile. I'm thinking Laphroaig 10yr might fit the bill.

    Last Post By: eezee Today, 05:08 AM Go to last post

    Making my own brush

    Thread Starter: MicBP

    I have started making my own brush out of a pice of wood i cut from a treestump i found - i am pretty excited :001_smile

    Last Post By: MicBP Today, 05:07 AM Go to last post


    Thread Starter: TheVez2

    I have been looking for a bottle of this for 15 years. Ever since I had a shot of it in a bar in Cheyenne, Wyoming in '01. I just found it at a local Grocery Store in Missouri. I'm so excited! Being a tarantula spider guy, this made my day! The citrus in it, tastes like 4711 smells. It's...

    Last Post By: eezee Today, 05:07 AM Go to last post
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