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    Nick Styptic

    The Boxing Thread

    Thread Starter: Nick Styptic

    This is your place to discuss all aspects of the Sweet Science. Whether you are an active boxer,amateur or pro,trainer or corner man, or are an active fan like myself. Let us know your thoughts on the influence of Premier Boxing Champions ( Al Hayman ) broadcasts on Showtime and HBO . Your...

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    Herbal smoking blends

    Thread Starter: CurtisB81

    I've found a shop that cares an herbal blend, that doesn't have tobacco in it..Does anyone know and thange about herbal blends..Most are are Mullen and coltsfoot leaf blends..

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    Charlie Van Dyke

    Badger Hair Sources

    Thread Starter: Charlie Van Dyke

    There seems to be a relatively limited number of sources for badger hair knots (at least from my internet searches), but I haven't seen any country of origin mentioned, other than China as a distributor. I love cats and dogs and am therefore very skeptical of any animal products (especially those...

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    razorock new slant

    Thread Starter: gvw755

    Just visited Italian Barber web site and found that the Razorock 37c clone just went up for sale. Looks exactly like a 37c head but in a three piece design all for $20. Was thinking about getting one but already have a 39c and got the Wunderbar and X3 in the past month so I am all slanted out right...

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    General Advice

    Thread Starter: Ian

    Hi, Hopefully this is in the right place....For my morning shave i use atm my Gillette SS,Brush & Cream/Soap. I'm looking to up my game & use something after,this is where i need advice. Thayers....this is used after my shave & cold face wash? Then use the likes of Fine & Floid....are these...

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    vintage stag brush its a rex drugstore brand thats no longer in business.

    Thread Starter: rokar

    i guess the company has been out of busnness since 1973. i bought this brush off ebay for 7 dollars with free shipping. i really liked the look of it must been white or cream color when new. its a yellowish tint now even after i cleaned it up. few stain marks i can not get off thats ok going to...

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    Parker adjustable razor

    Thread Starter: astraman

    Any body have any updates on the Parker adjustable razor?

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    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Thread Starter: Redzone

    Morning Gentleman (well it is here in New Zealand) I got given a random blend a mate roasted 5 days ago and I am drinking it black. This morning I am using a swiss gold pourover in to a mug. This blend not quite my thing and roast a bit questionable but it will give me a good kick start !! CB

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    Watch Ya Wearing

    Thread Starter: frank85

    It's Friday the 13th Watch ya wearing :biggrin: here are some crappy shots of my ORIS TT1 DIVER TITAN WATCH :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:

    Last Post By: noelekal Today, 12:30 PM Go to last post

    Where synthetics fail (for me)

    Thread Starter: Cino

    I've tried a number of synthetics from omega, whipped dog, Italian Barber, and now Simpson, to find one with the right combination of softness, backbone, and lathering. They don't have scrub, so I don't use that as a criteria, I just accept it. Still, they seem to fall short for me and I...

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