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    Worldwide Fountain Pen Day

    Thread Starter: coyotewhisper

    On 7 November, Fountain Pen Day is celebrated worldwide. Simply put it is a day to celebrate and share your love the pen. It is a day to embrace the joy of writing using a pen and paper. It does not matter that you write in script, print, or calligraphy as long as you are writing and not...

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    PIF a Week #17: Kramperts Bay Rum with Etched Flask

    Thread Starter: oakeshott

    This week's PIF is a flask, nearly full, of Krampert's Bay Rum and a bottle, nearly empty, of same. Do the math. It's time to move this most excellent product on to someone who enjoys Bay Rum. It's a terrific product but not one that I use. The clove and bay scents kept fooling my labrador into...

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    [Poll] You're running late so you.

    Thread Starter: Gig103

    When I was given a DE set I realized it would take longer than shower shaving with my Mach 3 so I kept one M3 "for days I'm running behind". In the past 11 months I haven't used the cartridge once, even when traveling. I wondered what other folks' habits are.

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    The new, adjustable, reversible stainless steel Rockwell Razor

    Thread Starter: vocalistbob

    So far, I haven't seen anything posted here about the Rockwell Razor. It's a novel new razor created by two young guys that is being funded on Kickstarter. According to the owners, it is close to being 'production ready". The razor features three reversible base plates for a total of six...

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    Noob From Alabama

    Thread Starter: jca86

    Hello, gentlemen (and any ladies that may happen to browse the forums here). Long time lurker, first time poster here. DE shaving has long fascinated me and I've frequented the forums here sporadically for a few years but have never taken the dive into DE shaving. I guess I have been a little...

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    Vie-Long Horsehair Brush?

    Thread Starter: MyKindOfTown

    Has anyone used a vie long or other horsehair brush? I can't seem to find any reviews, and I'm keeping an eye on this one http://bullgooseshaving.net/vi13hohabr.html

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    Joining the darkside. once a week :

    Thread Starter: CigarNate

    Hey all, Dedicated DE guy here, but I couldn't resist. Thought you kids would enjoy my new addition, and new Sunday morning shave :w00t: Thiers-Issard Cut throat from Art of Shaving. Too expensive to add more, but I wanted one for sure.

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    Boardwalk Empire.

    Thread Starter: blary54

    I'm looking forward to this new show on HBO: Ive always like movies/shows based in the 20s. Its written by the guys that made the Sopranos, great cast, and Scorcese is directing some of the episodes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5BwpLL7gxU

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    New guy

    Thread Starter: Psycoduncan

    Just ordered a vdh de from target today. Can't wait to try it. I have seborrhea dermatitis so if I do grow out my facial hair, I get real itchy all over my face, so I've tried to start shaving more frequently than once a week and just not zip through with an electric razor, so all the dead skin is...

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    Captain Murphy

    Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

    Thread Starter: Captain Murphy

    Greetings everyone! As a result of my post in the B/S/T for crusty fatboys last week, I had a few members who were interested. Basically, my original post was a "want to buy" but I made a note that I would humbly accept any fatboys that our members here wanted cleaned and or fixed. I did...

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