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    Have I lost it completely?

    Thread Starter: deebee8

    So I worked last night and hadn't shaven since 2pm yesterday. Woke up at 4:30 ish today and lost all control when it comes to wet shaving. 5:00 PM. Whipped up a quick proraso lather, Shaved my head and face quickly with my jack black razor (mild shaver), topped it off with pre post cream. ...

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    Speicktember 2014

    Thread Starter: mikeschu

    I'm ready... are you? For September, let's share our experiences with Speick products. Anything is fair game. I'll be using the shaving cream, the aftershave splash, and the bar soap for the entire month.

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    SOTD "Black and White" Theme Week 1-7 September 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Welcome to September Gentlemen. Be sure to check out the 2014 membership round up as a whole lot of swag has been added to the already excellent prizes. This week, let's see your best black and white photos. A heads up for next week as well; in honor of NFL opening week, it will be a football...

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    The super-duper passaround box round four!

    Thread Starter: hotreds

    Lots of interest in another round of this box pass! So, please, if you are interested, PM me your name-screen name-email-snail mail-phone number. Please do this even if you were in the last pass. We will be using a Regional C box, and I will sort out the trajectory by zip codes in order to make...

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    90 Day Challenge

    Thread Starter: Haggises

    Inspired by David's (dabrock) success here - http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/419105-My-90-Day-Transformation, and despairing of my lack of success so far in monthlies, I thought I'd start a new challenge. (The originators of buying restraint threads have a certain moral obligation to...

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    First use of Arko

    Thread Starter: Pepin

    A coworker had spent some time in Turkey, and picked up several items for me, including Arko. I liked the scent, it was similar to ivory but a stronger refreshing scent. I put it into a push up tube. Have used it a couple of times now and happy with the performance. It is very easy to...

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    Foods That You Despise

    Thread Starter: DoctorShavegood

    There's a lot of foods that we like. So much so we post pictures of them here in the Mess Hall...to which I'm extremely guilty. But what about foods that you don't like? It could be a meat, sauce, spice, veggie or herb. What food do you despise? Why?

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    What are your favourite non-biblical quotes?

    Thread Starter: Glitch

    There are some quotes that I've come across that ring so very true to my experiences in life. I thought I'd share a few, and get some others from you fine people! "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt "If you want to build...

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    I Can't Wait to Shave with my W&B Fine India Steel Near Wedge

    Thread Starter: GrandpaRon

    It is honed, scales are made, but enamel needs to dry overnight, so tomorrow will be the big day,

    Last Post By: Wid Today, 06:58 AM Go to last post

    Shave Sticks Review Project

    Thread Starter: Luc

    I got this mild (yes mild) obsession with Shaving Sticks. Some love them, some hate them, some find them okay (all those feelings are all right). I'm not here to convince anyone to buy a product over another. I'm here to share that experience that I got that will, hopefully, be beneficial to the...

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