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    bluesman 7

    My homemade 8/8 smiley

    Thread Starter: bluesman 7

    This thread was born in the "How Tall is Too Tall' thread and I'm moving it here as to not hijack the other thread. Background: I found my way to this site from a knife forum while looking for info on honing stones some time around August 2013. Got intrigued with the possibility of getting a...

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    SwiftSteele Check-in and Product Review

    Thread Starter: SwiftSteele

    Hello all, I've been reading this forum so much since I started my DE journey that I thought I ought to join. I actually keep a short beard, but I use the DE to shave my neck and head. I'll share my limited experience as anyone who bases their purchases on Google research may wind up looking at...

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    Brown Leaf Newbie Check-In & General Chat

    Thread Starter: Boro62

    Seems lately we have been getting a lot of new guys and lurkers over here in our little brown leaf corner here on B&B. So I thought I'd put up a thread for the new guys to introduce themselves. Are you new to the tobacco hobby? New to this sub forum of B&B or relatively new to all things B&B?...

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    RIP Oliver Sacks

    Thread Starter: beginish

    Great physician, scientist and communicator. He did more to illuminate the intricacies of the brain through the quirks and challenges faced by those whose brains were not working right. Farewell, Dr. Sacks, you will be sorely missed.

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    PIF (sign-up before 9/8/2015) "Down on your luck" Shavemac

    Thread Starter: kansaskyle

    The Lord blessed me financially, and I "won" a Shavemac 44140 Handmade Silvertip Badger brush as part of the 2014 Sue Moore Auction. I've used the brush < 20 times, and I decided I prefer a Plisson Synthetic more. Since this was part of the auction, I would like to keep it in the B&B community...

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    How often do you skip a day shaving?

    Thread Starter: EternalBachelor

    I know many guys here shave daily. Some do it for work purposes, others just really value the look of a clean shave. How often do you guys skip a day or days? I'm still less than a year into shaving with a DE razor and my technique isn't the best. I'll still nick myself and get neck irritation, so...

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    Special Birthday SOTD

    Thread Starter: Doc4

    The title kind of says it all! If it's your birthday, post your SOTD here instead of the weekly thread. Now, don't just post any old SOTD. You know and I know, and they all know, that your birthday is a special day, and you will (not "might" ... WILL) treat yourself to something special. ...

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    What razor/ blade did you use today

    Thread Starter: highball

    I am curious what blades people use in different razors 1909 Single Ring / Gillette 7-O clock (green)

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    The Fat Boy. How good was it?

    Thread Starter: MarkD51

    After seeing pics of the old Gilette "Fat Boy", I felt like Marty McFly, being transported back to 1955. Well, maybe not that early, cause I was only a 1 year old in that year, but perhaps the early-mid 60's. I recall seeing and holding those twist to turn adjuster dials on the Handles,...

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    August 2015 Shaving Restraint (MoRo-August)

    Thread Starter: CzechCzar

    Looking for a way to curb your AD's? Getting disapproving looks from your significant other? Running short of space to store your supplies? Running out of money? Challenged to beat the Darth Lord in a restraint? This is the perfect opportunity for you. This restraint is for August 1-31,...

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