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    I can hear my razor cutting whiskers?

    Thread Starter: sandstone

    Iíve been DE shaving for two months now and I am happy and content with my progress so far, however I am curious about the sound my razor sometimes makes. Even at an extremely shallow angle I can hear the slightly metallic sound of the blade cutting my whiskers. Any shallower angle and it seems...

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    Porter Hayes

    Opinions on Razorock XXX

    Thread Starter: Porter Hayes

    Hi all, I'm considering picking up a tub of Razorock XXX because I've heard such great things about it. That being said, I'd like to compare it to soaps that I've already used. In terms of face feel and protectiveness, how would you rate it against Mike's? As for slickness, how would it stack...

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    Good, cheap soap or cream

    Thread Starter: eleuther0s

    I'm sure some of you saw my post from earlier this week, and I apologize once again if this is a duplicate thread, but I just started shaving with a blade about a week and a half ago, namely because I am a student and need to save money. I am looking for a shaving cream or soap that is cheap but...

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    SIXTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge

    Thread Starter: goby

    It's that time of year. Time for the world famous "One Blade in February" Challenge!!! Last year we again had 20+ participants. In the first year many used the Personna 74 blade. The next four years participants used "mortal" blades, like Derbies, Dorcos, Feathers, and Lions. It shocking how...

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    What is your favorite mild razor?

    Thread Starter: justino_14

    I would say I prefer mild to aggressive, but not so mild that I have to do a lot of passes to get all the hairs. Mine right now would have to be EJ DE89 and it was my first razor too. If you're into mild razors, what's your favorite?

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    Ebay catch.

    Thread Starter: langlois

    Hi guys, i receive my pipe lots today and i tough i could share with you. It contain 14 pipes, from different maker. 10x Blatter Bros from Montréal, 1x Peterson, 1x Hilson, 1xKirsten, 1xGigi. I was looking to buy a Blatters pipe and i found this lot, i win the bid at 50$usd. I will try...

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    Honing PIF for new SR users 2015: 12 months, 12 straight razors honed.

    Thread Starter: Lakebound

    I have been given a great deal here on B&B since my beginnings getting into wet shaving. Like most, I started with the DE and this past year (2/2014) I started my straight razor shaving and honing journey. Many experienced members here have shared their experience and knowledge with me. Others have...

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    Merkur Futur comes tomorrow!

    Thread Starter: dsullyv

    Hey everyone, Been DE shaving for about 3-4 months now I would guess. Started out with a horrible utopia long handle razor from amazon. It was super aggressive, and uneven! Since got my Merkur 34c for Xmas and have been loving it. Although once I got the hang of the angle and everything I've...

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    Texas Red Chili Recipe

    Thread Starter: DoctorShavegood

    I thought I would post a chili recipe that is totally different than what you probably make and eat now. It has no tomatoes or beans in the sauce. Its a very traditional old way of making chili. The finished product has a very bold beef and pepper flavor. Not for the timid. It's not a hot recipe...

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    Blind straight razor shaver from Washington State!

    Thread Starter: Zach

    Hi! Iíve been reading various B&B threads and articles for about two years now and am finally joining as a participant. I am totally blind from berth, but have been straight-razor shaving cut-free for about 2 months now (8 if you count practice with a shavette.) I donít usually brag about these...

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