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    Hone repair with pics

    Thread Starter: Brianskeet

    All of us that pick am old hone now and then find flaws that we wish we could fix or at least strengthen and shore up. I ran into a product lately that I thought might be of interest here. It is an acrylic that remains liquid until you hit it with a UV light. The light hardens it in seconds to a...

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    SOTD "Thanksgiving Theme" Week November 23-29,2015

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Welcome to a new Week Gentlemen. This week in light of the Holiday, it will be a Thanksgiving Theme. So, being this somewhat of a subjective theme, we will just say post what you like, post what you are thankful for in your photos, or posts, and / or post your Thanksgiving Bounty, or what you...

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    Noob checking in

    Thread Starter: ssjadman

    Hello all, just checking in to say Hi. First off let me say that this site is excellent for all types of info. really found it helpful in making my selections on shaving gear. I'm new to this and just purchased a lot of gear online and in some local places as well. i'm currently participating in no...

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    Arko PIF (US/CAN)

    Thread Starter: Sheashaves710

    I've got new sticks of Arko I would like to PIF. I thought I might like to use them as a travel soap, but I can't warm up to the scent. However, from what I have heard this soap lathers exceptionally well. So, my loss, your gain. :biggrin1: Open to any US/CAN member who does not currently have...

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    Approaching 2 week mark, with no permanent marks!

    Thread Starter: MaineYooper

    This morning was my 12th DE shave. I am dialing it in, trying different blades for 2 or 3 days, and trying different soaps and creams. I have some I know already I like and some I know don't work great for me. I have had a couple of DFS, a quick SAS, and my norm is CCS. I am staying away from...

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    Need help with technique

    Thread Starter: rgalvarado2

    Hi, Ok so everything under my jawline is giving me trouble. My beard on my right side grows in so many directions. Can't figure out how to get a close shave. When I run my fingers atg I still feel stubble. I want to eliminate it. I have trouble right at my jawline as my hairs grow from my ear...

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    Caties Bubbles la piment de la vie.

    Thread Starter: Justin101

    This is my first caties bubbles and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The reason is because I bought a lot of soaps that had great reviews and huge hype just to be disappointed. A lot of the time I have a problem with the scent or the soap irritates me(stirling). Or I have trouble...

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    Mr Bingle

    Mr. Bingle Presents: The Second Annual Reindeer & Sleigh Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Thread Starter: Mr Bingle

    Greetings from the North Pole Boys and Girls! Can you believe it’s already been a year since we met!? How time flies! For those of you who may not know me, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Bingle. Maybe you’ve heard of me? For those who haven’t, let me tell you about myself: ...

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    Happy thanksgiving

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Just wanted to wish all of the devoted folks of the SOTD a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Although some of you do not celebrate it the same way we do here in the United States, we can still be thankful for the camaraderie we share each and every day. It is truly appreciated that you are...

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    Frothy Airy Nothing Lather

    Thread Starter: Fishertwin

    I purchased a couple of pucks of locally made artisan soap recently that I had high hopes for. The price point was very good, the ingredients were all natural, and it was made in the town where I went to high school. Unfortunately, the "lather" was pretty much just air bubbles and unusable. I...

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