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    More cast iron

    Thread Starter: Wid

    Picked up a few pieces of cast today. One is a #8 fully marked Victor, another is a #6 good health then a nice BSR 2qt sauce pan. I don't see the sauce pans very often so it was a good find.

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    Where to find discontinued shoe, or very similar style

    Thread Starter: Edcculus

    A few years ago I bought a pair of Clarks Shaler boots in brown. Here is a link to see what they look like: http://www.bullrunboots.com/closeouts/casual/clarks-shaler-mens-casual-shoes-82177-in-stock-p-8338.html I love these boots. They go just above the ankle, and are great for everything....

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    Blade sampler order

    Thread Starter: EvanS

    Okay so here the deal...brand new to DE shaving and I'm going to use the bluebirds that came with my Lord L6 until I get my technique down. Howe et I jumped the gun and bought a 7 pack sampler. It contains: 5 FEATHER Hi-Stainless 5 BLUEBIRD 5 DERBY 5 ASTRA Superior Platinum 5 7 O'clock...

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    Shavers in areas of difficult supply

    Thread Starter: xserror

    Hi A short description of my issue follows. I'm curious if others have similar issues, and if/how they got around it. I live in Norway and live close to (and work in) the capital, which is also our largest. Normally I'd think the larger the city, the easier to find any given niche store. ...

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    Proraso White Review:

    Thread Starter: knightmare1015

    Well this will be my last review of Proraso's shaving products and it's not good. I'll give it 2 out of 5 stars and I won't be buying any of their products ever again which includes their aftershaves and balms. Last week I ordered alot of stuff from both shavenation.com and westcoastshaving.com and...

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    Pharmacy witch hazel

    Thread Starter: godlike

    Does anyone use witch hazel from there local pharmacy or is it Thayers for most? I was in there buying some rubbing alcohol for post shave razor maintenance and bought a bottle of witch hazel. Its difficult to purchase Thayers for me as none of the local sites to me (Toronto area, so...

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    What Acqua di Parma fragrance goes with the AdP shaving cream (old formula)

    Thread Starter: cegadede

    Hello, I love the scent of the old formulation of the AdP colezione barbiere shaving cream. Is there a AdP cologne with the same of very similar smell? Thanks.

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    Tried a Feather blade today.

    Thread Starter: yamaha0343

    ...and lived to tell about it! :biggrin1: I just recently more than doubled my shave den today with a purchase from the B&B Shave Mall. (Thanks realdog4!) I picked up a Merkur 38C, a Cadet open comb, and the seller included a tub from The New York Shaving Co. and a pack of Feathers. My go to...

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    Lamb Brains

    Thread Starter: cleanshaved

    I have not had Lamb Brains in about a year. Lamb Brain Fritters is a treat I enjoy every now and then for breakfast. I put the brains in a pot of water and simmered for approx 15 minutes. Then removed, mashed them up a bit and let them cool. While they were boiling, I made a simple batter. 1...

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    My 13 yo daughter wants a pocket knife

    Thread Starter: kbee

    She wants to be the one on Christmas who helps everyone with the difficult to open packages. I am excited to get to show her the proper use and safety, but would like a few recommendations. we are not campers/boaters $60 or less something she can use for a long time. fit easily in pocket or...

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