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    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Thread Starter: Marco

    "A sunny day in the early 1930's. A young well-educated man walks in the main street of his small town. The young man is elegantly dressed with a grey suit, white shirt, blue tie and a pair of black, shiny shoes. He is clean-shaven and wears a wonderful French cologne. Suddenly, he stops by the...

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    Brush - It's Back!

    Thread Starter: AABCDS

    :a50::a50: Step right up and gather around everyone! The B&B Essential Brush is back. :a50::a50: It's my pleasure to announce the rebirth of the Badger & Blade Essential brush. This time, it will be boar instead of badger. These brushes are not limited editions; they will be continuously...

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    Just getting started Parker 51 Questions

    Thread Starter: karlm

    Hello, So I picked up a pilot metropolitan a few months ago and I've really enjoyed learning to use it. A few weeks ago my dad gave me a Parker 51 that he found while cleaning out my grandparents place. So far a little bit of interwebbing has helped me figure out that it is a 1948 model in...

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    SOTD "Italian Aftershaves" Theme Week 15-21 December 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Gentlemen, Due to an oversight on my part, we're a week late to the Italian Aftershave theme week. For me, that means breaking out the Proraso aftershave balm, which is one of the best balms I've tried, and a great value. Next week, with Christmas and New Years approaching, we wil have a "Happy...

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    My opinion regarding artisan signature soaps

    Thread Starter: NSmalls

    Can someone please explain to me this recent insistence by artisans to create signature soaps? What I think was a nice gesture at first by Joe from RazoRock, has recently turned into an obnoxious trend. I think it is unfair to a majority of the customers who spend 100's of dollars with these...

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    Morman Bridge

    Polishing Woes.

    Thread Starter: Morman Bridge

    Good evening men, I'll get right to the point. I've been collecting razors for about 2 and a half years now, and I have used Mothers brand metal polish. Last month I polished all of my silver ABC sets from a jar I recently bought at Walmart. As of yesterday, all of them are black as sin. Tarnished...

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    Merkur Futur

    Thread Starter: delislave

    Lately, I've been drooling over the Gold Merkur Futur. Some of my best shaves come from my G1 FatBoy. The doors close tightly, and never rattle, which always leads to a close, comfortable shave. How would you compare and contrast the Futur with a Fatboy? Thank you Gents!

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    Mr Bingle

    Mr. Bingle Presents: Reindeer & Sleigh - A Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Thread Starter: Mr Bingle

    Greetings from the North Pole Boys and Girls! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Bingle. Maybe you’ve heard of me? For those who haven’t, let me tell you about myself: align="center" style="width: 800px" |- | ​

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    Hot sauce junkie

    Thread Starter: Howl1nWolf

    As you may have guessed, I love me some hot sauce. I put it on pasta, pizza, eggs, mac & cheese, soups, chicken, pork etc. Always looking for new uses and sauces so lets hear your favorites.

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    2015 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Spring (GRU-Spring)

    Thread Starter: abragus

    For those who don't want to participate in the big yearly restraint, we are doing smaller quarterly restraint threads. Since the GRU-Christmas is just about over, we are opening registration up for the next round. Here are the dates chosen for this year: GRU Spring: Jan 1st - Mar 20th GRU...

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