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    Mtn Man


    Thread Starter: Mtn Man

    I'd just like to say hello as I'm new here. Been a lurkin for a while learned quite a bit of useful info. Thought now was a good time to sign up and see if I could contribute to the forum. I've been a DE shaved for a while. Merkur HD is my favourite. Just gonna try straights now. Took the advice on...

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    ARKO Men Aftershave/Cologne?

    Thread Starter: Shaverraver666

    Hello Folks... Anyone have any experience with the ARKO Aftershave/Cologne??? The packaging looks really cheap but I have heard that it is excellent, and great value. I think there are around 8 different scents.... Action, Aqua, Cool, Comfort, Fresh, Gold Power, Ice Mint and Platinum. ...

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    New to wet shaving

    Thread Starter: Merrick

    After many years of using an electric due to having a full beard and only needing to shave my cheeks and neck, I've gotten completely sick of the infernal device. It tugs and yanks out hairs and my face is left feeling like a bombed warehouse, full of stubble and irritation on my neck. I have...

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    Hello guys - new member from Germany

    Thread Starter: Andreas1965

    Hi guys, I just registered to this forum. I'm a 50 year old German, living currently in Dusseldorf (Rhine Area), but spending a lot of time in Amsterdam, Maastricht and (more and more) Prague. This is due to my job in the denim business. I guess I came here like many others... used to shave...

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    Pinaud Clubman At Hy-Vee

    Thread Starter: muhleskinner

    Those of you in the Midwest will recognize the name Hy-Vee as a grocery store. I went into our local store today and had orders from the wife to pick up some disposable leg razors for her. No, I have not talked her into trying a DE on her legs yet. Anyhoo, lo and behold there on the shelf...

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    Traveling Fragrance Sample Box

    Thread Starter: temjeito

    OK, this is pretty simple: there's a box, and a list.:001_rolle The box is full of fragrance samples (and a few a/s samples, and maybe some other goodies). The list starts with plpenn, and grows as people sign up in this thread. We'll cap the list at 25 for now to try and keep it manageable....

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    Pre-shaves. Not working. Why?

    Thread Starter: ScrapeApe

    I've been experimenting with pre-shave products for about a month now. I've tried Proraso White, PAA Scentsless and ATG, and Razorock Mister Joe. It seems like every time I use one I get an irritating shave. Routine is: 1) wet face thoroughly 2) apply Proraso Or 2) wash with pre-soap and...

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    Scotch - Getting started

    Thread Starter: Steelhead1981

    I didn't want to hijack the other scotch thread that's going on so I thought I should start a new one. I love beer, all types, all makes, etc... I don't drink all that often, mainly a few on the weekends. I've been thinking about changing it up a little. What would be a good starter? I'm...

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    California Cajun

    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Thread Starter: California Cajun

    Henckles 3/8"

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    Arko PIF (US/CAN)

    Thread Starter: Sheashaves710

    I've got new sticks of Arko I would like to PIF. I thought I might like to use them as a travel soap, but I can't warm up to the scent. However, from what I have heard this soap lathers exceptionally well. So, my loss, your gain. :biggrin1: Open to any US/CAN member who does not currently have...

    Last Post By: vanhooglesnort Today, 04:55 AM Go to last post
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