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    How international were you today?

    Thread Starter: auk1124

    I think these threads are interesting. Today I visited: 1. Germany (Speick bath soap) 2. Canada (NatureClean shampoo) 3. Czech Republic (Spokar brush) 4. United Kingdom (Harris Almond ss) 5. India (Parker razor) 6. South Korea (Dorco blade) 7. ? Middle East (Tulumba alum block) 8....

    Last Post By: BigJ Today, 04:04 AM Go to last post

    Blade storage box

    Thread Starter: wazabees

    I was looking for something to keep my blades and samples in one place, rather than floating around in drawers and cabinets. I came across a great little box from Bauhaus called "smartstore". This box has removable inserts/walls so you can create compartments within the box. I used all the inserts...

    Last Post By: BSAGuy Today, 04:04 AM Go to last post

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    Thread Starter: tmartin89

    I think whether a newbie or an experienced shaver, you should always learn something from every shave, no matter what it is. So, I guess i'll start. Today I learned not to get greedy looking for a BBS shave, and that a 2 pass with clean ups is enough for a DFS.

    Last Post By: BigJ Today, 04:03 AM Go to last post

    PayPal Seller Account Questions

    Thread Starter: YKMV

    I have this really bad habit of bidding on stuff on FleaBay... then I win it and wonder what to do with it....:blush: For example, I got on an Old Spice mug buying binge and now have 6 or 7 including one with OS soap and box.... I've put 2 of them into use with a sample puck of Stirling Ben...

    Last Post By: BSAGuy Today, 04:03 AM Go to last post

    Which forum for group buys?

    Thread Starter: BMblB

    I can't seen to find it. Loking to to split a purchase of a Cella brick and some SE blades. Where do do I post that?

    Last Post By: BigJ Today, 04:02 AM Go to last post

    My New "Archivist" Tag and Gillette Adjustables!

    Thread Starter: GlennConti

    B&B has allowed me to talk about a site I have built www.gilletteadjustable.com It is by no means perfect and is an ongoing project. But I would be very appreciative if anyone who is interested in the Gillette Adjustable razors if they would check it out and provide me feedback to improve the...

    Last Post By: Floyd Eye Today, 04:00 AM Go to last post

    First timer

    Thread Starter: DavidNZ

    Hi guys, Wanted to drop by and first of all thank you all for the great content on this site. This has really helped me make a decision on how to go on. I decided to grow a beard almost 2 years ago because I got sick of shaving. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was coming up to apply...

    Last Post By: BigJ Today, 04:00 AM Go to last post
    HazMat Shaver

    Wife looked in the drawer.

    Thread Starter: HazMat Shaver

    I was shaving (still a bit new to this) and the wife walked in on me shaving. She took a look in the drawer where I keep my razors and blades. I was expecting her to go off on the fact that I have 5 razors now and close to 15 different name brands of blades but all she said was.... Those little...

    Last Post By: Doug57 Today, 04:00 AM Go to last post

    Chikuhodo brush

    Thread Starter: Chaucer

    Has anyone tried one of these? Knot is made of "water badger" hair. They look pretty on the visageusa.com Web site. Not too pricey either.

    Last Post By: BSAGuy Today, 03:58 AM Go to last post

    Razor# 10

    Thread Starter: eddyb

    Hi gents just finished razor #10 for a customer its 8/8" Sheffield 01 steel,1/2 hollow,with a blued finish and spinework, dyed flamed sycamore "tequila sunrise scales" & African ebony wedge.Hope you like,i am just starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of this razor making lark but there is...

    Last Post By: jlindy Today, 03:57 AM Go to last post
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