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    Mad Max-Fury Road

    Thread Starter: blary54

    Anyone see this yet? Its getting great reviews and I plan on going Sunday (so no spoilers!). Just wondering if you also plan on seeing it and/or your opinion of the movie.

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    alx gilmore

    Filling in and sealing cracks on stone sides

    Thread Starter: alx gilmore

    Can anyone give me any tips on dealing with wide cracks on the sides of stones? I don't want to lacquer them yet but would like to stableize the cracks deep inside and to seal the openings of the cracks without painting or covering the whole surface surrounding the cracks. The widest one or two are...

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    Merkur Open Comb- Agressiveness

    Thread Starter: userzero

    Hi All, I have a Merkur 25c and a Merkur "1904." I especially like the 25c with its long, textured handle- it really reminds me of something I'd see in my grandfather's medicine cabinet. I believe they both have the same head which is extremely smooth but mild. I love these razors but am...

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    August West

    This Day In History

    Thread Starter: August West

    I thought it might be interesting to start a 'This Day In History" thread on B&B. On this day in history, June 2, 1975, the first recorded June snowfall in London, England. Feel free to add, comment, and/or post tomorrow another unique event in the B&B "This Day In History" thread.

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    What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

    Thread Starter: dfoulk

    All, Half the fun of picking a soap and aftershave for the day is pairing them up. I'm always looking for something that goes well with my favorite soaps. There are already threads here that talk about a soap pick and others that discuss an aftershave pick but not that I've found that pair...

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    Any guitar players? Out there?

    Thread Starter: HolmerJ

    I stumbled onto this hot topic about tonewood...If you haven't seen this guy check this guy out. It gets weirder and weirder. Each video he seems to go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Read some of the comments people make and how he defends himself. At one point while watching him I was...

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    3 In the Wild including a D3 Fatboy

    Thread Starter: RickL

    For those that enjoy pictures. At today's flea market, a Shick Krona for $5. A 1946-1947 no notched Aristocrat for $10. And a D3 Fatboy for $5. Here's the Fatboy all cleaned up. I repainted the numbers. I might still repaint the ring but that seems a lot trickier.

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    Have we seen the pinnacle of soap hype

    Thread Starter: jonoc9997

    I can remember my first introduction to "new" shaving soap hype. I'm sure there are many here who have seen this in cycles but for me it was the launch of the popularity of panna crema. Those varieties were almost unobtainable at first and some folks were getting time zone alerts. I had missed...

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    SOTD "Ad Slick" Theme Week May 25-31, 2015

    Thread Starter: skypsyd

    Welcome to a new week of the SOTD Trying something a bit new for our "suggested" SOTD theme this week and you have all entered...... THE SOTD ZONE Picture if you will... It is the mid 1960's, you are sitting in your office on Madison Avenue. You are wearing your best Brooks Brother...

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    How will I know

    Thread Starter: vanhooglesnort

    My blade search has me wondering. I've been using my DE for about five weeks now, and I still haven't found "THE" blade. I've gotten several samplers, tried about 9 different blades out of the variety and so far I've only identified a couple "no's", but the "maybe" blades all seem the same. I mean,...

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