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    First Vintage Purchase

    Thread Starter: Limpy

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! I've been an avid DE and straight razor shave for about 4 years now. I have a few Dovos and Bokers in heavy rotation, and the wife finally gave me the go ahead to finally buy my first vintage straight! So after scouring the forums, reading...

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    Where to purchase "Shave Ready" Straight Razor?

    Thread Starter: clyde72

    I've been kicking around the idea of purchasing a straight razor. I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger and I was wondering other that Whipped Dog, where are the best places to purchase a "Shave Ready" razor new or vintage? I would like to stay around or below the $100 price range. I've...

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    Wondering about adding an ink to my inventory. Suggestions?

    Thread Starter: bald1

    I am an unabashed brown ink fan. Started way way back when (I'm on the cusp of becoming a septuagenarian) with the normal assortment of blacks and blues but once I discovered how expressive browns are in my OOB, OB, Stub, B, and Music nib pens I was hooked. This is what I have: --Waterman...

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    What Common Wet Shaving Techniques don't work for you?

    Thread Starter: Joncr

    Shower first, or apply a hot towel to your face before shaving. I get more weepers and irritation if I do either. Instead a quick face wash with soap, and cool water, face lather with cool water, shave with cool wqter gives me the best shave. What have you found thru trial and error that works...

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    I Coloniali = Creed Royal Oud!

    Thread Starter: Bendwin_Jagger

    Hello fine gentry of the B&B Forums! I am as much a frag-head as I am a wet shaving enthusiast; really, the two go hand-in-hand and I find that as hobbies they are so often intersected that I cannot truly differentiate one from the other. My discovery today illustrates that perfectly and I...

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    What's in your pocket today?

    Thread Starter: nemo

    Mine's carrying a Wahl Eversharp Skyline demi and a Pelikan 140

    Last Post By: Radium Today, 12:57 AM Go to last post

    Knife sharpening setup HELP!

    Thread Starter: RobsForge

    Im on the fence on whether I should pick up a DMT Diamond stone kit with the 4 different stones 220 grit (60 micron) - 1200 git (9 micron) or I should go with wet stones that go up to 8,000 grit for the mirror polish. I will mainly be using the stone for putting an edge on my scissors, axes,...

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    A Long Blond

    Thread Starter: mycarver

    Figured this H.G.Long would be a good candidate with the etch on the blade to fit with scales from a slab of blond horn . The blade was in pretty nice shape with a few scratches here and there , a bit of tarnish etc. which required just basic sanding and polish . Since that was routine I...

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    Hand Sanding Questions

    Thread Starter: ccpastork

    I have come to a stopping point on my first attempt at a restoration and thought it best to ask some questions. I should have asked these questions beforehand. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/509950-Dipping-My-Toe-In?p=8753653#post8753653 1. When hand sanding do you sand in...

    Last Post By: mycarver Today, 12:45 AM Go to last post

    Had my first Slant shave today

    Thread Starter: Fouts

    I've always had problems shaving my neck, especially ATG. I've always encountered painful tugging that results in weepers. The Safety razor I own is the respected Merker 34c. The only blade that could eliminate tugging were Feathers, and even then I'd expected a smoother shave. (I had tried...

    Last Post By: santamariasteve Today, 12:43 AM Go to last post
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