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    ok i think im addicted

    Thread Starter: gixxer562

    OK I don't even think I've been on B&B for 2 weeks yet and I've found myself surfing the web looking for new soaps, pre post Products I told myself I'll just get one or 2soaps to start but I can't stop, 6 soap/ creams later lol And some pre shave post shave products, my last purchase for at...

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    The M

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Thread Starter: The M

    Hey why not! theres one for the soaps so why not one for the creams. So just post what cream that YOU used today.

    Last Post By: Watertight Today, 03:53 PM Go to last post

    Pin-up girls from your youth. (Keep it PG, gents)

    Thread Starter: Legion

    I was putting some new films on my want list for the DVD rental club thing which I am a member of. I came across the film Elvira, mistress of the dark. Wow, I had totally forgotten about her, and as a teen in the late eighties, with somewhat goth tendencies, a fair amount of my bedroom wall...

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    Newbie Check in

    Thread Starter: Cat1865

    Good Day all, Newbie to the forum as a member but I have been reviewing the posts and site for nearly a year as I have researched Wet Shaving, DE Razors, Soaps/creams and all the other things that have turned my morning shav einto something I look forward to... The new obsession as my SO...

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    Experiences with the supernatural

    Thread Starter: Luke49783

    My wife is a huge fan of the various "ghost hunter" type shows. They were never something that I watched until we met, but I've grown to enjoy them quite a bit. I've never had any supernatural experiences, though my wife has had a few, as have her parents. I'd be curious to hear what...

    Last Post By: oc_in_fw Today, 03:53 PM Go to last post

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Thread Starter: wilbr11

    Okay, so I'm definitely not being original on this, totally taking Bigfoot's idea, but I love looking at the Safety Razor Acquisition Thread on the DE Subforum and I haven't been able to find one for straight razors. I'd love to see any Straights you've recently acquired (Pictures are a must)....

    Last Post By: GolFisHunt Today, 03:52 PM Go to last post

    October 2014 Acquisitions.

    Thread Starter: wulfgar1976

    I have been busy: Gillette Brownie Old type (boxed). Gillette single ring Old type from 1917. Gillette single ring Old type from 1918 (boxed). Leresche Gillette Old clone made in France. Big Ben open comb with a Gillette Old type head (boxed). (The astute among you might begin to observe...

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    Newbie at decision time

    Thread Starter: awking1987

    I've used Gillette razors since I started shaving so more than 10 years now. I've tried every kind it seems like but have constant irritation on my neck and breakouts. It was pretty bad while I was in the military shaving every day so now that I'm out I don't shave much because of these problems....

    Last Post By: prometeo Today, 03:52 PM Go to last post

    Where's the Love for Omega Boar Brushes?

    Thread Starter: DEGuy

    I have three Omega boar brushes and use them (actually, the 10048, largest one, is too large for me). They are excellent brushes, the break-in is fast, and they lather up a storm for me (ARKO soap). I get 3+ passes out of one brush load regardless of the Omega I'm using: 10048, 10083 (favorite...

    Last Post By: mswofford Today, 03:51 PM Go to last post

    How international were you today?

    Thread Starter: auk1124

    I think these threads are interesting. Today I visited: 1. Germany (Speick bath soap) 2. Canada (NatureClean shampoo) 3. Czech Republic (Spokar brush) 4. United Kingdom (Harris Almond ss) 5. India (Parker razor) 6. South Korea (Dorco blade) 7. ? Middle East (Tulumba alum block) 8....

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