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    Proraso. Which one?

    Thread Starter: itsdavetime

    I've been reading this forum for a while and enjoy all of the reviews, tips, etc.. Currently I used Kiehls Blue Eagle shave cream and it works good for me. I have no irritation from it at all (although I have to shave every other day since I have pretty sensitive skin when shaving too often). ...

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    Fan or bulb

    Thread Starter: mikeal

    So I'm finally going to purchase a high end brush. After much debate, research here, and asking around, I decided on a shavemac DO1 knot, 25mm in a custom handle Rudy Vey is making for me. The only remaining question is whether I want a fan knot or bulb knot. I lean towards fan, but probably...

    Last Post By: RVshave Today, 07:32 AM Go to last post

    Real or fake?

    Thread Starter: Oscroft

    I like Joseph Rodgers razors, and I just bought the following on eBay... Why might it be a fake? Well, there's no star and cross trademark, and there's no crown with the "GR" stamp. And if you believe the company's blurb from the 19th century, people were faking their products all the...

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    Blacked out in a good way today. . .

    Thread Starter: warhawk

    Hi Gents: I hope all is well with you and your families. Today I received my cerakoted graphite black Weber Bulldog Handle. Our very own Jnyost aka Jared from EAC Concepts cerakoted my Weber Bulldog Handle. It arrived today and pics do not give Jared's work any justice. I want to thank...

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    What did you learn from your last shave?

    Thread Starter: tmartin89

    I think whether a newbie or an experienced shaver, you should always learn something from every shave, no matter what it is. So, I guess i'll start. Today I learned not to get greedy looking for a BBS shave, and that a 2 pass with clean ups is enough for a DFS.

    Last Post By: 01HDFXD Today, 07:30 AM Go to last post

    Why does face lathering need backbone?

    Thread Starter: Lomoru

    I've been infected with a little bit of the B.A.D. sniffles lately and have been inspecting reviews and threads for boar, horse hair, and synthetic brushes. Something that's standing out to me that I don't understand is the almost universal "requirement" for face lathering brushes to have lots and...

    Last Post By: RVshave Today, 07:30 AM Go to last post

    What part of the DE shave are you fine tuning?

    Thread Starter: kevdogg329

    I was preparing my shave last night in my Missiion/Fatip hybrid (Mission Handle+cap, and fatip base plate) and was thinking that I may have found my new favorite razor. I am not working on the blade combination for this setup. Have my blades for the regular mission and my rubie/techs. My...

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    Honing 101

    Thread Starter: noahpictures

    Please share your basic honing tips here to take the mystery out of the process for members that are learning to hone. I'll go first. I found the following two photos by B&B member Seraphim (Craig) educational. The two photos demonstrate how pressure affects the same piece of chalk when...

    Last Post By: njtnjt Today, 07:29 AM Go to last post

    Stlrling and Barrister & Mann Reviews-A Series

    Thread Starter: Gaines09

    Well today was a great day in my house hold lol. I received two packages, one being from Stirling soaps and the other being from Barrister & Mann. For right now I will post a pic, but as the time goes on I will use this thread to post my reviews of the soaps and how I rate the scents. I will...

    Last Post By: Gaines09 Today, 07:27 AM Go to last post

    my birthday is coming, I need a new soap!

    Thread Starter: omar201

    Hi, I'm not a expert in soaps, but my girlfriend ask me: What you want for you birthday? me: A new shaving soap GF: What shaving soap? me: A new one GF: What shaving soap you want!!! just give me a name!!!:angry::angry::angry: me: Ok! let me think about =========

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