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    Hard soap like proraso green?

    Thread Starter: billobob

    Are there any pucks out there with a similar feeling? I'm a bit of a menthol addict when it comes to shaving. Reviews of RR brain freeze on here it's great as far as its soap qualities go but light on the menthol.

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    Wet shaving down under

    Thread Starter: Rufoz

    Hi all, I'm a noob wet shaver from Australia and have been lurking on these forums for quite sometime. I've been wet shaving for about 2-3 months. Prior to that I had been using electric shavers or cartridge razors with can cream/foam. I never much enjoyed shaving and would usually only shave...

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    How did our fathers do to shave clean & safe

    Thread Starter: Mango

    Hi gents now .... don't kick me out of here but there is a question puzzling me: I remember my father using his vulgaris DE razor, no oil, no prep, a simple cream tube (Palmolive?)same blade for a week, and 10 minutes to expedite the whole job few drops of Velva and back to work (he was a...

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    My latest, interesting acquisition.

    Thread Starter: kingfisher

    I'm gonna start by apologizing for not posting pictures. I have been having a heck of a time with that, but I still wanted to discuss this razor. About 3 weeks ago I picked up a cased Probak razor in near-pristine condition. As some of you know, this is an open-comb razor head that looks kind...

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    Wood Badger

    Possible DE blade shortage and price gouging due to hoarding?

    Thread Starter: Wood Badger

    I've noticed that a lot of DE blades are made in Russia. Recently, due to the kerfuffle over the Ukraine, Obama put some trade restrictions in place, cutting off the import of some Russian goods. I'm wondering if it will cause a cessation of Russian DE blade importation, resulting in people making...

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    Leather strops from India

    Thread Starter: Alswan

    Hello. I have a cheap strop set that I ordered that came from India. The leather strop is quite a nice quality leather, and the canvas part is slightly lumpy in 1 or2 places and the canvas seems to be of good quality- definitely not the best- but of good quality nevertheless. I have a few...

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    Dirt cheap wet shaving

    Thread Starter: Marco

    Wet shaving has been described as an Art, a manly ritual, a return to the wisdom of our fathers and grandfathers. However you describe it, itís certain that, when properly done from skilled hands, it is a very enjoyable experience and can truly give a wonderful, close, comfortable shave. But letís...

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    Which soap to try

    Thread Starter: Rem700

    My present soaps are lacking for my SR use, I presently only have Ogallala and VDH soaps. I have been watching the classies for soaps but thus far they have been sold before I get logged on. Where is the best place to purchase Cella Arko Tabac These seem to always be recommended if not for...

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    Time to admit it

    Thread Starter: WithTheGrain

    Anyone else starting to get antsy looking for the 2014 LE pipe hints?

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    Razorock soap types?

    Thread Starter: tinashubby

    I am new to Razorock. Being new, I don't have them dialed in, but I don't like fooling around with that very much. So far my lather is only ok, and my shave is also only ok. Any hints? FWIW, I don't have trouble with simple Arko, Sterling, La Toja, Queen Charlotte, Saint Charles Shave, or the...

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