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    New guy here. Can DE really be cheaper than Cartridges?

    Thread Starter: InsertWittyRetort

    Hello all, First off let me say what a wonderful community you have here. I have enjoyed lurking and picking up a few nuggets of knowledge from you folks. I hope to enjoy some good conversation with you folks over time. As someone who is tired of paying the high cost for cartridges, is it...

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    H.E.B. blades

    Thread Starter: JayHawkMechanic

    Just picked these up from a local HEB ( grocery store for those of you not in TX) for about $ 2.50 for a 10 pack .I've not used them yet, they will be my next blade to try as soon as I use up the blade I'm currently using. Anybody ever use these? I have no idea what actual brand they might be. ...

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    Cheap Innsbruck Alternative?

    Thread Starter: PapaMoosey

    Anyone know of a cheaper but very similar alternative?

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    Wood Badger

    Just another new guy.

    Thread Starter: Wood Badger

    Hello folks. I'm just another new guy, here to learn what his daddy never taught him about shaving. By the time I was old enough to remember, my father was an electric razor man, so I was too, for years and years. My last rechargeable electric finally died, and I decided to try something else. So...

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    A new BBQ Pit for my truck

    Thread Starter: martym

    Picked up a new pit for my truck's trailer hitch. I had it made: 1/2" steel. 16" diameter. 2' long. For trips surf fishing, for the park, and just when we r at the ranch and don't feel like driving all the way to camp. It fits onto the receiver. I also had a stand built for it so I can store it...

    Last Post By: VerbaVolant Today, 11:28 PM Go to last post

    Barbershop Scent Obsession

    Thread Starter: rodmonster

    I have a new goal in life. I was lost in the wilderness of countless soap scents until I tried the RazoRock American Blend. I now know that I must sample as many Barbershop scented soaps as humanly possible.:lol: The obsession is new so I am certain that many of you, if not most of you, are far...

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    Favourite ink colour for corrections/editing?

    Thread Starter: Reevers

    I'm trying to stay away from the now frowned upon colour of RED for making corrections/changes to reports. I had thought of going to a softer ORANGE colour, like Noodler's Apache Sunset or perhaps changing to something completely different, like GREEN and jumping for Diamine Umber. Purely from a...

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    Rando blade PIF

    Thread Starter: gregoe86

    I have a smattering of blades that I'm not going to use, so I figured I'd throw them in an envelope for someone looking to try something new! 5 Shark SS 2 BlueBird Hi-Stainless 4 Gillette 7 O'Clock Green 3 Gillette Platinum 8 random others You might find your new favorite - what've you...

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    Metal detecting

    Thread Starter: fast14riot

    Just wondering if/who anyone here enjoys metal detecting? I got a detector for fathers day this year from my mother (a strange sentence, lol) that was for sale by my uncle. Well, I didn't have the time to really sit down and figure everything out myself, so it sat in the garage. This last month...

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    Random Shaver

    Blade Trials Are Over PIF! (CONUS)

    Thread Starter: Random Shaver

    I recently completed a nine-month effort to find out what my go-to blade would be for my daily driver. As an aside, if anyone's interested in the details, check out these three threads (first, second, third). In order to give a little back to the B&B community, I'm offering a modest PIF as a...

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