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    Whipped dog

    Thread Starter: keyvanfarsiani

    i was just about to order a whipped dog silvertip when i heard that many of the brushes shed is this true should i order ?

    Last Post By: niko_p Today, 03:59 PM Go to last post

    What should my second soap be?

    Thread Starter: Chumango

    I'm still pretty new to this (10 shaves into the journey), and currently have only one soap - Palmolive stick. I use a boar brush. I think my wife wants ideas for something to give me, so I ask - what should my second soap be? Requirements: Performance - I don't care how good it smells, if...

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    Mr Bingle

    Mr. Bingle Presents: Reindeer & Sleigh - A Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Thread Starter: Mr Bingle

    Greetings from the North Pole Boys and Girls! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mr. Bingle. Maybe you’ve heard of me? For those who haven’t, let me tell you about myself: align="center" style="width: 800px" |- | ​

    Last Post By: Anigai Today, 03:59 PM Go to last post

    SOTD "Giving Thanks" Theme Week 24-30 November 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Welcome to the new week, Gentlemen! I enjoyed last week's pet theme immensely. It was great to see such important members of your families. This week, the theme is "Giving Thanks". In the States, it is Thanksgiving holiday week, but all of us have plenty to be thankful for. For me, I went with...

    Last Post By: rm71 Today, 03:58 PM Go to last post

    blades (female question?

    Thread Starter: LuvinYou17

    So ive heard that for men a blade should last between 3-7 shaves (average) depending on certain things but... How long to blades last for females? Assuming we are shaving our legs AND underarms that seems like alot more shaving being done... Yet the hair (i assume) is softer. So basically what im...

    Last Post By: LuvinYou17 Today, 03:57 PM Go to last post

    Did you know?

    Thread Starter: shaversnapper

    :::THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT::: did you know that the lid to a TABAC bowl fits perfectly on to an old spice mug?? fits even better than on the TABAC bowl itself! :::THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:::

    Last Post By: August West Today, 03:57 PM Go to last post

    Morris & Forndran Blonde Badger

    Thread Starter: Loric

    I got my new Morris & Forndran Blond Badger brush in the mail today, and its very very nice. I just used it for the fist time and wanted to post my impressions while they were still fresh in my mind. The brush has obviously not broken in yet, but it has amazing backbone and ultra soft...

    Last Post By: JohnFM Today, 03:56 PM Go to last post

    "Dud" DE Blades? o.0

    Thread Starter: LuvinYou17

    I just saw something about Dud blades on youtube... Does this happen frequently with some brands? And what exactly does this mean? I know they are supposedly defective but can you tell a dud blade by the looks? Or do you just find out when you get a bad shave with what is normally a good blade?

    Last Post By: LuvinYou17 Today, 03:54 PM Go to last post

    Set up for a female

    Thread Starter: cfkane

    Am thinking of getting razor, cream and blades for my niece this Christmas. What do you think would be a good razor, vintage or new. Looking for a good brushless cream and are there blades that seem to work best for women? As I am a widower, can't ask SWMBO, but hope some of you gentlemen might be...

    Last Post By: strop Today, 03:54 PM Go to last post

    Your favorite underpriced soap

    Thread Starter: coase

    Which soap do you find to be so good that it would be worth double or even triple the price to you (especially if packaged in a really nice container)?

    Last Post By: Shave_Rat Today, 03:53 PM Go to last post
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