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    My Humble Pen Den

    Thread Starter: lowjax

    Well, here's my start. I feel a bit like a newbie shaver posting pics of my EJ or Merkur 34c. :blush: I was looking for a thread to post this in, but "pen den" is not allowed as a search because the words are too common. If there is a thread this should go on, please move this there. I got a...

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    Problems Over The Upper Lip

    Thread Starter: CapmJack

    Been DE shaving now for a month. Working on all of the variables that contribute to a great shave. Do all the shave prep. Shave is great all over the face & neck. Very happy with results. The problem exists over the upper lip, almost making me ready to give up. The hair on the upper lip grows...

    Last Post By: gwsmallwood Today, 11:22 AM Go to last post

    Notched #19?

    Thread Starter: imatabor

    I know hardly anything about British OC Crats but here are pictures I lifted off the bay of what I think is a #19 but I thought the #19 has an unnotched center bar. It has a flat bottom plate like the #19 but the lack of wings is throwing me off. Help educate me.

    Last Post By: imatabor Today, 11:21 AM Go to last post

    Fatboy February

    Thread Starter: gwsmallwood

    I saw that some MWF lovers might be doing a Fat February. While I haven't used that particular soap yet, I thought I would steal the idea and do a Fatboy February (although I may cheat a little on SE Sundays). Feel free to post if you want to join me. I hope you all will include three things...

    Last Post By: Captain Murphy Today, 11:20 AM Go to last post

    eleuther0s's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Thread Starter: eleuther0s

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Patrick What are your nicknames/aliases? Pat Where do you live? Hanover, PA What is your age (or) generation? 19 What are you in the real world? College student What is your favorite shave setup? Merkur 34C Heavy Duty razor, Astra blades (Pack of...

    Last Post By: dgreene120 Today, 11:19 AM Go to last post

    New to all of this Safey Razor World

    Thread Starter: sskim3

    Hello all! After a year of using my electric shaver, it just wasn't cutting it anymore. Through reading other forums like Ask Andy, I discovered this forum and decided to improve my shaving game. Since I am a beginner, I do want to start off with a budget conscious mindset. Here is the...

    Last Post By: nuclearblast Today, 11:19 AM Go to last post

    Is there anything remotely close to feathers?

    Thread Starter: chansta

    So far in my DE career I have tried, but NOT had fantastic results with: astra derby crystal rapira gsb persona red and blue

    Last Post By: Oel Today, 11:17 AM Go to last post

    Suggest a Aftershave Milk !

    Thread Starter: love_the_experience

    1. great scent 2. no alcohol 3. long lasting scent​

    Last Post By: TheVez2 Today, 11:17 AM Go to last post

    Vidyut Super max platinum blades= paint scrapper.

    Thread Starter: Vaporgt

    This was by far the worst shave ever. Tried a pack of these super max platinums and it chewed my left cheek up. Even grabbed a second one out the pack to see if it was just a crap blade...they must all be. They it in the bin and finished with my Feather. Should of of stuck with what works. ...

    Last Post By: frstplce Today, 11:17 AM Go to last post

    Apache Strata vs Shapton 12/16k

    Thread Starter: panther308

    Okay guys have a question about the new stones I purchased, I have a Boker King Cutter that give me a DFS but started playing around with a few of the stones I picked up so I had originally finished it on the AS with a lot of strokes doing straight and x strokes with toe to heal and heal to toe and...

    Last Post By: panther308 Today, 11:16 AM Go to last post
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