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    Claudel Xerxes

    Nib PIF (Noob Trio)

    Thread Starter: Claudel Xerxes

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ladies and Gents! This wasn't meant to be a Thanksgiving PIF, but I figured no time is better than the present. I have a trio of fountain pens to PIF. The first pen is a Jinhao 750X. This pen was acquired from a PIF. It is a reasonable pen that lays down a fairly thick...

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    New and having issues

    Thread Starter: Burton_bl

    Just started about a month or two ago. Was always a Mach 3 guy but couldn't shave without irritation. Then went the Harry's route. They are better than Mach 3 imo but still irritated. Finally learned about de razors figured to give it a try. I purchased a jagger de89L, leatherwhip badger brush, and...

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    The "Stout" brush, a great idea.

    Thread Starter: shave/brush

    I had my first shave with the Stout brush from Fine shaving last night. It lathers great and has enough backbone to make me happy. This has a lot more backbone than the other Fine brush. It has a 24mm knot and 52mm loft with an overall size of 93mm. I used it for face lathering today and it...

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    WOTD - Wine Of The Day

    Thread Starter: eezee

    Well, we have a thread devoted to a beer of the day, why not? Tell us what fermented gems you had as a relaxing beverage after a hard day at work OR what you had with a meal. I'll start: With some homemade spaghetti sauce I had some Gabbiano Chianti Classico. Go!!!!

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    Grandpa's Razor Before and After

    Thread Starter: Cwalker935

    I decided to polish up my "Grandfather's World's Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893" straight razor instead of doing a full restoration. Still some slight pitting but looks much better.

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    Do you use toe-leading x-strokes on a coti?

    Thread Starter: Zach

    Do you hone with toe-leading x-strokes? If so, how do you incorporate them into your process? Do you alternate heel and toe-leading with a stroke-count? Do you employ them more just after setting the bevel or near the end on a touchup? I ask because ever since I messed up the bevel on my very...

    Last Post By: kcb5150 Today, 01:19 AM Go to last post

    The Two-Pass (CONUS) Passaround Box

    Thread Starter: FoolishMortal

    Howdy, thanks for clicking in. I just passed my six-month-iversary of DE shaving. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of learning a ton from the esteemed members of this forum. Iíve posted dumb questions and gotten great answers. I've loaned out a 1980 English Ball-end Tech to a curious ...

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    How to keep soap in the cup?

    Thread Starter: SlyMoose

    I got puck of soap with a sample pack of blades I bought recently, im wondering how to keep the soap from flipping out of the cup when I lather. I've heard some people melt it in the mircowave, is that a thing? I'm currently using Proraso soap so this hasn't been an issue yet

    Last Post By: mike_the_kraken Today, 01:17 AM Go to last post

    Soap Consistency?

    Thread Starter: MrBaz

    All things considered (performance was the same in all aspects of the soap), would you prefer a hard soap, a soft soap (croap - like a lot of shaving cream soaps), or somewhere in between?

    Last Post By: vespergo Today, 01:14 AM Go to last post

    As a relative noob, the variety is quashing my education

    Thread Starter: honeybadger79

    I blame this completely on myself for lacking better control, but I can't help it. There is too many wonderful soaps to try. I SHOULD dial in to a particular soap and use it for weeks if not months. This would teach me a lot about that soap. Then, changing nothing else, I should switch to a...

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