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    Dr Roadrash

    Arko Vs Palmolive stick

    Thread Starter: Dr Roadrash

    I have a Palmolive stick and think its quite a bargin for the performance. Arko seems to get all the love around here recently. Anyone use both? Thoughts? Aaron

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    General Brown Leaf chat

    Thread Starter: captaincaveman

    Often I want to post something but there's no appropriate thread and it's not significant enough to warrant a thread of its own. I searched and didn't find a BL chat thread, so why not? And here's the small bit of insignificant chatter that I have today: All the cigar talk today in threads...

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    Anybody still use an electric?

    Thread Starter: Metro

    Hi everyone. Before I started wetshaving over 3 years ago now, I was using an electric daily with the occasional Gillette Fusion shave for special events. The Fusion gave me a bunch of irritation on the neck so I kept its use to a minimum, while the electric (a decent Panasonic) was actually very...

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    How do you keep up with your recipes?

    Thread Starter: econjoe

    My goal for this week is to start organizing my recipes. As inspiration, I'm curious as to what method everyone here uses for keeping up with their recipes? Currently I have a combination of cook books, a few recipes saved on my computer or phone, and the rest piled in a desk drawer.

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    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Thread Starter: guYom

    Rapira (1)

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    Move over Arko.

    Thread Starter: Gio1

    I know Arko is often noted for excellent price/value but I think I found a new winner. Just got back from Italy with a Kilo of Vitos. Paid 7.20 Euro (like 10 bucks). Other than Airport Security getting a little nervous about it looking disturbingly like a brick of C4 it may be one of the best...

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    Captain Murphy

    Gillette Fatboy Cleanup|Before and after w/commentary

    Thread Starter: Captain Murphy

    Greetings everyone! As a result of my post in the B/S/T for crusty fatboys last week, I had a few members who were interested. Basically, my original post was a "want to buy" but I made a note that I would humbly accept any fatboys that our members here wanted cleaned and or fixed. I did...

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    Thread Starter: mastershake

    i LOVE the shape of the handles and im thinking about trying one. how are they and what do they compare to? quality wise? is there a specific model better than others to look at? been dying to try one for a while and now im really curious about them. i have been eying the 4125/2 model. thanks!

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    Non-offensive after shaves

    Thread Starter: guyakaguy

    I've been looking for some after shave (liquid) to replace the ones I currently have that are running low. One of the favorites I have right now is Kenneth Cole signature. It's running low and will be gone in about a month if I keep using it like I am. I can't seem to find it anymore either. I...

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    microscope and honing - What is good?

    Thread Starter: t-haw

    I had a hard time honing this particular razor and had to take it back down in grit a few times.. Now it passes TPT and HHT, then I looked at it under a microscope at (my guess) about 400x. One can still see the saw tooth and scratches. what can I take from this? Is it not honed enough, Is it...

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