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    Thread Starter: Savage

    I am completely new to Wet Shaving. I have been doing lots of research on here, and finally decided to take the plunge and start ordering my stuff. I ordered a Merkur 34c, sample pack of blades, found a brush, thinking about ordering razorock CC bay rum as my first soap..... So, since I was off...

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    1000th-Post PIF: Wanderin' Man

    Thread Starter: Badmedicine

    Howdy all! Wow, I didn't ever think I'd get to this point. Figured SWMBO would finally put her foot down and say "No more of that crazy shaving site! You can barely move in the bathroom!":lol:. I would like to thank all of the wonderful individuals I have met here who have given me so much help, in...

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    First Good Cut!

    Thread Starter: kf6ybl

    I woke up this morning and was really having a hard time getting going. For shaving I decided to go with my Gillette SS flair tip and put a fresh blade in it. After lathering up and getting making a couple of passes I noticed that the shave soap on my chin wasn't white anymore :scared:. Seems I...

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    Shaving soap for my wife ?

    Thread Starter: cubancigar2000

    I have a new Badger Brush ( Thater two band silver tip) so I would like to give my wife my Boar brush and some good soap or crème that she can lather with in the shower. Any suggestions??

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    In Praise of Floid

    Thread Starter: Chadao

    I consulted with Marco, got a little confused (My fault, not Marco.), wound up buying Mentolado Vigoroso. This is a wonderful aftershave, traditional barbershop-type scent. It has a mild menthol aspect that is refreshing and invigorating, as in "Vigoroso," methinks. Highly recommended...and I plan...

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    something better

    Favorite shave stick?

    Thread Starter: something better

    Whats your favorite shave stick?

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    Prof. Moriarty

    SOTD "Cheapest Razor" Theme Week 14-20 April 2014

    Thread Starter: Prof. Moriarty

    Righto lads, I am taking over for a bit to give Doc a bit of R&R time. This week we have the Cheapest Razor in Rotation Theme, which for me happens to be a Super Speed I bought for around $10 on the BST. I currently only have two other razors that I use, an EJ DE87, and a Feather SS, so it...

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    Faux pas act in AoS Store?

    Thread Starter: abragus

    How's it going fellas, The wife and I went to the mall after I dragged her around a couple antique shops looking for some good razors (no luck). We passed by the Art of Shaving store and I noticed the salesman was kind of working a customer who was obviously interested in DE shaving but hadn't...

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    Proraso Kudos

    Thread Starter: Scaramouche

    Just wanted to put in a plug for Proraso products as a newbie. Still experimenting with soaps, creams, blades and razors, and had a pretty severe reaction to (I believe) AoS lavender cream and AS yesterday, so much so that my face was still raw last night. Broke out the Proraso sandalwood cream...

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    Adoration Addition

    Thread Starter: Gigster

    I restored my first Adoration shaving brush last summer ( http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/353670-Adoration-admiration ). It turned out so well and I was so impressed with the quality of Adoration shaving brushes, a search for more ensued immediately. Needless to say, very hard...

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