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    Mike H


    Thread Starter: Mike H

    I woke up yesterday to an odd sound in the woods behind my house. Like a home alarm, or a a very loud leaf blower, my kids said it sounded like a UFO on those cheezy late night horror shows, but it was cicadas, and lots of them. Hundred of shells, and dead bugs in my drive. Turns out that Brood...

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    How many Segal safety razor are there?

    Thread Starter: kgrinda

    I have 5 different Segal safety razors. I have become somewhat obsessive with these fanatic razors. I've read some patents and there may be two or three more out there. Do any of my fellow shaving enthusiasts have a Segal different from what I have pictured here? I would love to know what to be on...

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    Random Shaver

    Are Simpsons Creams worth it?

    Thread Starter: Random Shaver

    Good day, ladies and fellows! I hope this Saturday finds you all well. For a while now, I've been considering Simpson's Citrus Burst cream. In fact, I was almost ready to pull the trigger, then I noticed that these are sold in 125ml containers. That puts the unit price ($/ml) alarming high. By...

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    August West

    Body Soap of the Day

    Thread Starter: August West

    Why not? There is one for everything else. As one of our members astutely pointed out many of us don't rotate daily, so feel free to post your body soap of the week/month etc. QCS Cordovan

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    Veg has arrived

    Thread Starter: SpaceCadet1

    My wife stopped home on her lunch hour and found the package with Lilac Vegetal. Her initial response seemed mixed. :laugh: Not all bad, but not good either. Her thoughts: "It smells specifically like my grandparent's blue bathroom. Just like old timey bathroom cleaner, old man smell, and...

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    What's your everyday safety razor?

    Thread Starter: SI197981

    For some time, I have been shaving with solely one safety razor that gives me an excellent shave. My late 1930s British Gillette Aristocrat No. 15 works well for me, and I decided several months back to sell a handful of others I used to own. I don't collect safety razors, but one for me is...

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    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    Thread Starter: BigFoot

    From now on let's try to post all new acquisitions in this thread. That way everyone will be able to easily find them. :001_tt1:

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    *Warning-Spoilers, see post #697* - HBO's Game of Thrones

    Thread Starter: camjr

    Any other fans of this show out there? There have been so many plot twists in this series so far, I find myself eagerly anticipating each new show on Sunday night. The acting is fantastic, the sets and scenery is great (Ireland and Malta, I believe), and the character development has been top...

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    What's your soap for today?

    Thread Starter: Balj86

    Theres a long thread on "Whats your Brush for today...?". Don't know if it's been created for shaving soap, but it's worth a shot :biggrin1:! Today I used the almight "MWF!" What did you guys use?

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    The Sprout-B&B Gardening 2015

    Thread Starter: simon1

    Okay...who is getting their gardens ready for this year? I was a little lazy and didn't cultivate the garden last fall...and just did it today. Whew, that's almost like work. :biggrin1: Got my 20X30 regular area done, and my 10X15 pepper patch. The Husqvarna tiller with the Honda engine...

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