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    chongo gordo

    Who Likes Slant Razors? I Like Slant Razors!

    Thread Starter: chongo gordo

    Ok, the title is an exaggeration. My first slant razor was a vintage Merkur, and I wasn't impressed. I prefer slick-looking vintage razors with a bite, and too many of the German slants seemed to have plating issues, and worse, were kinda on the mild side. My second experience with a slant is...

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    Stirling 24mm

    Thread Starter: surlyduck

    So I just got this brush and it splays like a monster bigger than my 26mm brush I think it would be a great idea to lower the knot in this brush because it actually feels great. What's the probability of streaming the knot out and it not falling apart?

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    Joe Namath

    Attention Mitchells Wool fat fans!

    Thread Starter: Joe Namath

    Today I called in to see the nice people at Mitchells Wool Fat Soap in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. I bought a puck, and they kindly let me take some shots of their premises which may interest their customers. The shelves in reception displayed all their many products. Odd that such...

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    Semi Soft Soap Pucks

    Thread Starter: corncakes

    What is as soft as MW so I can form it easily into my Scone lather Bowl?

    Last Post By: cnnc97 Today, 08:01 PM Go to last post

    Well I bought a lathe.

    Thread Starter: redslayer8585

    I got a 25% off coupon from harbor freight last week and decided there was nothing better for me to spend my hard earned money on than a lathe. This was my first attempt at a shaving brush handle. Still have alot to learn!

    Last Post By: redslayer8585 Today, 08:00 PM Go to last post

    Finally made my first 100pack purchase

    Thread Starter: Djwyman

    For the past several months I have been trying various blades either by buying a tuck or so of them or I had won the weekly new comer PIF but up until last week I hadn't tried a blade that had me say "oh my god I found my blade!" Then I tried the Gillette silver blues. I used that blade for 6...

    Last Post By: jmattmiller Today, 07:59 PM Go to last post

    Gillette: 1940's style Super Speed razor vs. Red Tip razor

    Thread Starter: SteveF

    I have 3 1940's style Gillette Super Speed razors, and as one would expect, they all look and shave exactly the same - (They shave awesomely!). . . What's surprising to me is that (to me) they shave exactly the same as my Gillette Red Tip razor!?!?!? I also have a 1956 standard Gillette Flare...

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    Floaters in my Adagio

    Thread Starter: Whisky

    I have had a bottle of Barrister and Mann Adagio AS for about 4 months now. I just noticed tonight that there is some kind of sediment in the bottle that floats after I shake it up. It's not oil because they're solid when they come out of the bottle. They're not gritty to touch like dirt or sand...

    Last Post By: mark1JT Today, 07:55 PM Go to last post

    Hold yourself accountable

    Thread Starter: kelbro

    Alright, we are all adults here and we all appreciate good food. We also all have weaknesses that go against our normally high standards. Like fast food or eating an entire pecan pie or German chocolate cake. Repressing that guilt is not healthy. This post shall create a 'Safe Place' for...

    Last Post By: simon1 Today, 07:55 PM Go to last post

    Not very impressed with Martin De Candre.

    Thread Starter: frenchy

    I've been DE shaving for quite a few years. And am no stranger to proper lather prep. I recently got my hands on and tried both MdC fougere and unscented. Got to say I wasn't blown away. They both latherered up very fast and rich. Better than most. But, I felt the protection, cushion and slickness...

    Last Post By: hulkman Today, 07:52 PM Go to last post
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