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    2015 Gentlemanly Restraint Until Spring (GRU-Spring)

    Thread Starter: abragus

    For those who don't want to participate in the big yearly restraint, we are doing smaller quarterly restraint threads. Since the GRU-Christmas is just about over, we are opening registration up for the next round. Here are the dates chosen for this year: GRU Spring: Jan 1st - Mar 20th GRU...

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    Texas Red Chili Recipe

    Thread Starter: DoctorShavegood

    I thought I would post a chili recipe that is totally different than what you probably make and eat now. It has no tomatoes or beans in the sauce. Its a very traditional old way of making chili. The finished product has a very bold beef and pepper flavor. Not for the timid. It's not a hot recipe...

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    First BBS shave!

    Thread Starter: onethinline

    I'm sure this sort of post happens a lot here, but it's my turn: this morning I achieved my first BBS shave (on the face at least; my neck isn't ready)! I took my time, and this time added a third, ATG, pass, which is what really made the difference. Plus, no nicks or irritation! So it's both my...

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    Pre-shave oil/cream, do you use it?

    Thread Starter: Lonestar2222003

    Hey B&B. I'm new to wet shaving and love it. I'm curious about what some people use in their daily shave routine mainly pre-shave creme/oils. Do you use any if so, what would you recommend? If not, why? Another thing about pre-shaves I'm curious about does it matter what type of medium you use...

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    Looking For A Travel Bag!

    Thread Starter: KangarueTheDay

    Hey guys, So, with Christmas coming up, my parents keep asking me for ideas. One of the only things I can think of would be a nice, leather travel kit for my brushes and razors. I've seen some really nice ones online for about $300. Monogrammed and everything. Anyone have any recommendations...

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    Amazing Shave Alert!

    Thread Starter: canuckle

    OK, I'll try not to do this every time, promise. SWMBO was at a class, so I had all the time in the world. Shower, lots of time to soak the brush/razor, pre-shave, lather, and...GO. Fast forward to the end, and with the exception of around the adams apple, I'd say I got a DFS. Except some...

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    Your face and getting "used" to shaving

    Thread Starter: Clavius85

    Because shaving was a chore for me previously with cartridge razors and/or electric razors, I shaved infrequently. Now I have been shaving every day for about a week with my new DE safety razors. I'm still honing my technique but I just wondered if it's true that your face has to get "used" to...

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    Aftershaves for sensitive skin

    Thread Starter: Alex7

    What are some quality aftershaves for sensitive skin? I've just bought Proraso Sensitive Aftershave Balm (white) and I'm very pleased. Is it among the quality aftershaves and brands?

    Last Post By: petr Today, 10:45 PM Go to last post

    Really peculiar problem

    Thread Starter: keller

    Hey guys, It wasn't until about a month ago that I went full-on distilled water shave. After what I thought were brush problems due to aging turned out to be hard water issues. I really do want to go back to plain water for the sake of convenience but every time I do... same issue! ...

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    Favorite Soaps Survey

    Thread Starter: ps1160

    FAVORITE SOAPS SURVEY https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FHV5KZF Please take a couple of minutes to complete the following 3 question survey on your favorite shaving soaps/creams. This poll will be posted across many different shaving groups to try and get the broadest response.Results will...

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