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    The Count of Merkur Cristo

    A Bourbon Shortage? Say It Ain't so!

    Thread Starter: The Count of Merkur Cristo

    Say what :a47:...a bourbon storage No, come on now...you're joking right Fear of a Bourbon Shortage Puts Enthusiasts Over a Barrel Simpsonville, S.C. - 9 Dec 14 "On a recent Saturday, Edward Johnson hurried into Harvard’s Liquor & Wine and made a beeline toward a 4-foot-wide section...

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    Village Idiot

    I need a tried and true tamale recipe

    Thread Starter: Village Idiot

    I’ve searched and there are threads about tamales and how wonderful they are, but no threads on the recipes themselves. Does anyone have some that they’ve personally used along with how to accomplish the rolling process? I attempted making some with an internet recipe and it ended up with the...

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    It's a very Cella ( 3P) Christmas - CLOSED PIF

    Thread Starter: Riyame

    CLOSED It is a Marco-bration everybody! :w00t: I received bricks of Cella and 3P, both soft Italian almond scented soaps. I divided them up into samples and am going to share the wealth. :thumbup1: For my initial observations, the 3P is a heck of a lot stickier than the Cella. I thought I got...

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    SOTD "Italian Aftershaves" Theme Week 15-21 December 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Gentlemen, Due to an oversight on my part, we're a week late to the Italian Aftershave theme week. For me, that means breaking out the Proraso aftershave balm, which is one of the best balms I've tried, and a great value. Next week, with Christmas and New Years approaching, we wil have a "Happy...

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    Inigo Montoya

    eBay Senator

    Thread Starter: Inigo Montoya

    Ok. Which one of ya'll got that minty senator on eBay tonight? Come on. Fess up. Need better picks and a full shave report when you get it. Congrats. Nice score.

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    My opinion regarding artisan signature soaps

    Thread Starter: NSmalls

    Can someone please explain to me this recent insistence by artisans to create signature soaps? What I think was a nice gesture at first by Joe from RazoRock, has recently turned into an obnoxious trend. I think it is unfair to a majority of the customers who spend 100's of dollars with these...

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    The drying of rotating soaps/creams

    Thread Starter: Paljas

    Gentlemen, I usually rotate my soaps and creams during the week. Everyday I pick from a selection and a soap sees usage every 4-5 days or so. After use I let them dry - it felt the right thing to do so - but recently I've seen my Proraso and MWF crack more and more so now I'm not sure anymore. I...

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    Why NOT Tallow?

    Thread Starter: TheChariot

    Prior to today I was purchasing soaps with the moniker of "Who cares if it's tallow as long as it performs?"... but that's going to certainly change now. I don't feel as though vegan soaps are necessarily bad performers, but I'm noticing a distinct pattern of wishing that all of my vegan soaps...

    Last Post By: Gig103 Yesterday, 11:57 PM Go to last post

    Help with DVD collection

    Thread Starter: Alacrity59

    I have six or seven shelves cluttered with legally purchased DVD and Blue Ray movies. About twice a year I try to get them back into alphabetical order. I'm running out of room and to some extent can't remember what I have. Is their any way to get all this stuff on a network and organized...

    Last Post By: DC_MPA Yesterday, 11:56 PM Go to last post

    Arko Smell? Really?

    Thread Starter: SteveWY

    I just got my very first Arko stick today. After reading Arko threads on all the love/hate of the smell I was prepared for some toxic odor and was ready to go to a military surplus store for a gas mask to use for opening it. I couldn't wait so I very carefully opened the wrapper. I slowly and...

    Last Post By: mhdena Yesterday, 11:56 PM Go to last post
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