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    Boker H. & Co. Bicycle Race

    Thread Starter: CubReporter

    Morning, gents! My mother-in-law showed me a really cool find of hers over the weekend, a Boker H. & Co. Bicycle Race straight razor. It dates anywhere from 1890 to 1925, I believe, and the blade is in darned good condition. The etching of the scene looks good and it has the original case, which...

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    Thomas Martin

    Beware of XTG passes

    Thread Starter: Thomas Martin

    Just hesitatet a fraction of a second and the blade dug in.

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    Cold River Soap Works PIF

    Thread Starter: mshanen

    I ended up with an extra tub of Original Royal Fougere shaving soap from Cold River Soap Works and would like to do a quick PIF to someone who has never tried their soaps. Shaved this morning with Classic Savon No 1 and it was great. Customer service is top notch as well. Respond with "never...

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    Feather AS-D2 just came today!

    Thread Starter: Nolimit

    Got home from work and a small yet wondrous package was awaiting me. I eagerly opened the package and that has to be one of the nicest packaged razors I've ever seen. I don't need to tell you how beautiful it is there are tons of posted pics and reviews. They are all accurate and true. My...

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    What is your favorite Gillette NEW?

    Thread Starter: DrAwkward

    I've been reading a lot lately about Gillette NEWs. Many gents like one NEW or another. Long Comb, Short Comb, Deluxe, American, British, Canadian, 2 piece, 3 piece, etc. Although I'm not sure we need another BOTOC subgroup, I for one am a GNU (Gillette NEW Über-fan). Are you a GNU? My...

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    SOTD "Monochrome" Theme Week 25-31 August 2014

    Thread Starter: mdevine

    Welcome to the new week, Gentlemen. I've been trying to stick to the "Item of the Week" schedule when choosing the weekly theme. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any activity in the IOTW thread in a while, so I thought it was time to try something different. This week, let's see photos that...

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    Hurricane katrina survivor rescued after nine years

    Thread Starter: Skeezixx

    On this the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating and near total destruction of the city of New Orleans I find it incumbent upon me to share a shaving related story. Shortly after the storm I heard all the learned eggheads declare that New Orleans was destined to become a ghost...

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    Seller's Remorse

    Thread Starter: lamontqsanford

    I haven't posted in a long while but I still log in and read a good deal of the posts. While I have found what works best for me I still have that itch to try new products (and some I have written off). Today, I logged in and went back through several of my old threads and wanted to see what I...

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    RUNNERS, what's on your feet?

    Thread Starter: 73mountaineer

    Simple question with an often complicated answer, it seems. What shoes do you wear, and why? Still being pretty new to running, having only done it regularly for around 9-10 months, I have been through a couple brands and types of shoes. Unfortunately I have yet to find "the one" shoe that I...

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    Any mead fans here?

    Thread Starter: Fenris

    I'm primarily a beer drinker, occasionally I'll have some rum (drinking a Sailor Jerry and coke right now), but my absolute favorite thing to drink is mead. Not that I drink a lot of it, mind you, it's too bloody expensive, and it's given me some of the worst hangovers of my life, but man do...

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