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    Thread Starter: J743

    Anyone out there feel this way? Sure, my lather and bristles are hot, but the lather is awful. Just terrible. I've tried hot tap water, regular tap waters tepid, lukewarm, it's like it can only sit emulsified in just above cold. What gives? My lathers have been crazy good lately...

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    Stiff Tips After Drying?

    Thread Starter: Aldwyn

    Anyone experience this? I have a Parker CHSTBA, and no matter what soap or cream I use, when the brush dries, the tips are stiff, and even a little stuck together. It only take two quick strokes across my arm to break it up and they are soft again, but I thought this a weird thing to happen. ...

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    DIY DE Razor Storage Box

    Thread Starter: PokerChip

    Hello Everyone, I just finished creating a custom razor storage box to hold my Edwin Jagger DE89L. This storage box also holds two (2) boxes of Astra SP Platinum razor blades and a styptic pencil. I used a Blue Pelican 1040 Micro Case Series that I wasn't using for any major purpose. I took...

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    Do I Really NEED a Duke 3?

    Thread Starter: unkajonet

    So, my SBAD got a little out of hand last weekend. Picked up a Colonel X2L, an SOC, an Omega 49, and a TGN Silvertip Grade A 24/50. I already have a Whipped Dog 23/55, which is just a tiny bit too floppy for hard soaps. And I have a WD 24/45, which is a little too firm for creams. I'm still looking...

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    New sample bespoke handles! More than promising!

    Thread Starter: Masher124

    So I get talking to a mate of my son, who is considering the jump to trialling a shavette. After a brief introduction to my DE,SE & Straight collection we get round to talking about handles. After seemingly interested ( thought he was just being polite) he left with a tuck of donated DE blades....

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    Gillette OLD type = closest shave I've ever had

    Thread Starter: JoeyCrash2

    I recently acquired some vintage Gillette DE's (a 1950 Super Speed, a '38 - '45 Fat Handle Tech and a '21 - '28 Old Type Set) after using a Merkur 33C Classic for almost 10 years and a Gillette Diplomat for a few months. I also have a Gillette NEW type on the way. I've, of course, been through a...

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    Moses Yoder

    Used my shave bowl this morning

    Thread Starter: Moses Yoder

    This morning, after over 46 years of being a shave bowl virgin, I used a shave bowl. Last night I watched a youtube video and this morning whipped up a lather. I bought this shave bowl which directly in the description it states exactly what size it is and then people rate it badly for being...

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    Artisan Soap vs. the old standbys - I once was found, but now am Lost.

    Thread Starter: redrako

    For years I was very happy using Tabac, Cella, Mitchell's Wool Fat and a variety of shave sticks. I could build easy lather that was slick, protective and smelled good. These lasted a very long time, moisturized my skin and I laid in a good supply taking advantage of BST and occasional sales. ...

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    New User With a Gillette Tech - Which Blade?

    Thread Starter: 10miler

    I am new to wet shaving, and am using a Gillette Tech. My facial hair is pretty soft. What blade is recommended?

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    Silver Blues

    Thread Starter: mikeblade

    I have had an interesting experience with the Silver Blues. When I first got my razor, it came with Mercur blades. they were definitely sharp, but they were very harsh. I bought Astra and Silver Blues. The Astra did a great job for me. When I tried the Silver Blues, they gave me a close shave, but...

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